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dinbrad dor
Artist: Din Brad
Title: Dor
Genre: Folk / NeoFolk / Traditional
Release Date: 20th April 2012
Label: Prophecy Productions

Album Review

“Din Brad (English – “from the fir tree”) creates a direct connection with the nature. The fir is a symbol of immortality, of life and vitality over passing any challenge. A universe gathering the force of life as a circle reveals a local spirituality filled with deep meanings. The fir tree is a constant presence in the local traditional ceremonies: each newborn was symbolically assigned with a fir tree in the forest to whom he would partner with and cherish all his life. If a person was dying far from home, the local community would celebrate a burial ritual of a fir tree as a symbolical replacement of the lost member of the community. This equivalence (one man of the community for one tree of the forest) goes deep down the heart of the local soul opening paths to different way of understanding and approaching nature. These are the paths of Din Brad…“
-Explanation of the name DIN BRAD-

DIN BRAD is a side project of Negru and Inia Dinia (both of NEGURA BUNGET) - a project that concerns with traditional Romanian music. It has taken a long time of soul-searching and development to create that kind of soundscapes based on their roots in combination with “modern” elements. “On one side there are authentic Romanian traditional songs, sung by local performers and recorded in their original environment. On the other side there are some personal visions and reinterpretations of Romanian traditional music, performed and recorded on the studio, some featuring some prestigious guests. Both are melt together by the same feeling powering them.” This promo text describes in the best way, what ‘Dor’ is capable of. Created as a way to interest the audience for traditional Romanian music , which is complex and full of variety, DIN BRAD succeed in building a bridge from the ancient times and its music to nowadays.

I have to admit that the audience does not have a light fare while listening to ‘Dor’. It’s not easy going… and it’s on purpose! Their own description “Traditional Romanian Soundscapes” illustrates that this masterpiece of preoccupation with traditional art and music, with landscapes and cultures, with myth and mankind should not be just rated or just simply reviewed. Maybe you have a relation to these kind of aspects… or not. For my own part, I immediately fell in love with those artfully arranged and skilful songs. Of course, ‘Dor’ is not a release that can be heard every single day. But sometimes I apply myself to the deepest and darkest fears of my own existence – and while I’m dwelling on that darkness, the dull ambience of this release is my company… 

Due to the fact, that you have to be interested in traditional music and probably in a nation, I refuse to rate this release, but I highly recommend to buy ‘Dor’. It’s a chance to broaden your mind and to expand your view…


01. Amar
02. Imbratisat De Dor
03. Poarce'n Suflet Greu Pacatu
04. Doina
05. Cintecul Cununei
06. Dor
07. Of, Of, Viata
08. Durere
09. Foaie Verde, Odolean
10. Cine Iubeste Si Lasa
11. Bradule, Bradutule


Inia Dinia – Vocals, Keyboard
Alma – Vocals
Negru - Percussion, Dulcimer

Mircea Aldelean – Dulcimer
Catalin Motorga – Pan Flute
Eduard Muntean – Pan Flute
Nelu Cherciu – Traditional Vocals
Viorica Lazar – Traditional Vocals
Virginia Linu – Traditional Vocals
Pop Buia Gavril – Traditional Vocals


http://www.dinbrad.com / http://www.myspace.com/dinbrad / http://www.facebook.com/dinbrad

Cover Picture

dinbrad dor


- not rated -

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