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Artist: Botany Bay
Title: No Excuse (EP)
Genre: Pop / Trip Hop / Electronica / R&B
Release Date: 18th May 2011
Label: Self Released

Album Review

There’s something good about this band from Germany; its name. Their sound is a combination of electronic sounds, Pop and R&B and is slightly better than elevator music but they keep the proper levels of yawn so very own to the third class Pop. Even Justin Bieber sounds more real than them. The remixes aren’t better at all; in this pulp only the Fantohm remix pops out due to its harsher electronic sound. Beyond that point only chaos is to be found! Admittedly it is difficult to write lyrics about love and even more difficult to write them about unfulfilled or unrequited love. The slightest mistake inevitably leads to ridicule. The narrator has lots of problems which consist of the specific; the other one does not want him/her. What to do?!

I don’t know dear, have you tried Samantha Fox’s way with the ‘Touch me’ or RAMMSTEIN’s ‘Pussy’? Or try the music of Barry White to create atmosphere? If he pisses you off try to do what Kathy Bates did in ‘Misery’ and tie him up (he might like it after all). For Christ’s sake don’t make a CD out of it, just try to move on! The sea is full of fish! The band should be paying a shrink in order to listen to their weeps instead of asking the listeners to pay them in order to share in with their lamentations. At one point the singer, Stephanie, is wondering what the other guy might find if he reads her diary. Personally I bet that he has already done so and the only thing he found was doodles of cupid arrows and hearts, and the cost of the wedding dress; that’s why he disappeared. Considering that both music and lyrics are of poor quality, the first six songs belong to the trash bin and the rest to the recycle one.


01. No Excuse – 3:39
02. A Better Way – 4:54
03. How Am I To Know? – 3:44
04. Oh, Robbie! – 3:48
05. Your Diary – 3:28
06. How Much Can You Take? – 4:04
07. A Better Way (Fantohm Remix) – 4:31
08. A Better Way (Kavver Remix) – 5:08
09. A Better Way (E39 Morning Mix) – 5:40
10. A Better Way (Morgensterns pth-mix) – 5:21
11. A Better Way (Miami Butchers Orchestral Remix) – 4:52


Stephan Kleinert – instruments
Stefanie Mühr – vocals


Cover Picture



Music: 1
Sound: 5
Total: 3 / 10


+1 #2 Martin 2013-02-23 23:37
OMG, this has got to be the worst review ever.
If you can't do anything with the music, why bother writing a whole lot of crap about it?
+7 #1 Botany Bay 2011-09-27 14:05
Well, what more can we say than we pity you? We really hope you feel better now, although we highly doubt it.
Anyway, a little piece of advice: If you ever again come across something you obviously can't even begin to grasp... just leave it at that. There's no need to try and ruin someone's day by imposing your intolerance upon the world; believe us, people will probably like you more if you don't.

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