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polycrystaldiamonds timecop
Artist: Poly Crystal Diamonds (PCD)
Title: Timecop
Genre: Synth-Pop
Release Date: 26th October 2012
Label: Hard Six Entertainment

Album Review

POLY CRYSTAL DIAMONDS (PCD) is the new project by Neil Main who used to lead the band PLEASANT FICTION. Having seen LEASANT FICTION live a while ago, I used to like their sound although I always thought, which is strange for an electronic act, their studio productions were not as good as their live sounding, much more powerful. PCD has solved the problem! The sound is very powerful, very well mixed and interesting in term of sounds. No doubt that the presence of Jose Alvarez Brill as producer (Wolfsheim, Unheilig) as all to do with this big jump for Neil. If the first track is not very revolutionary (classic synth pop / future pop), things getting much more interesting from the 2nd track onward, ‘State of Mind’. Guitars (real or synth? No clue) and more live drums sounding, haunting keyboards pads... obviously, PCD is looking to catch a larger audience than usual Synth-Pop fans. Without losing the synth soul and spirit, there's a pop rock feeling added and that's not a bad thing at all.

‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘Come On’ (first single) are probably the most catchy tracks of the album, both of those tracks with female backing vocals... maybe a bit too much with ‘Open Your Eyes’ to be honest... but hey, bands need to make a living! ‘Destiny’ reminds a bit of DE/VISION's ‘Unputdownable’ (acoustic guitar on top of chilled out production on a nice mid tempo pop song). Change sounds more like classical electronic songs with nice analogic sounding. ‘All King’ and ‘Borrowed Time’ are back to first album track classic sound. ‘Pleasure and Pain’ is driven by a funky guitar, ‘Notorious’ like, poppy chorus, very attractive. The album ends on ‘A Last Goodbye’, more mid tempo electronic song and once again, we can think of DE/VISION  in the production with mix of electronic rhythms and rock drums, nice strings and guitars on the chorus.

To conclude, not a revolutionary album indeed, but a very well-produced debut album that reaches its objective: pleasing Synth-Pop fans and possibly appealing to a larger pop audience. No doubt that after a tour and more experience, PCD have the potential to become a strong act on the Synth-Pop scene. Unless they decide to go further in the pop rock sounding? Only time will tell. The album is only available on digital (iTunes, Amazon...).


01. Only The Fear
02. State Of Mind
03. Open Your Eyes
04. Come On
05. Destiny
06. Change
07. All Kings
08. Pleasure And Pain
09. Borrowed Time
10. A Last Goodbye


Neil Main - Vocals,
José Alvarez Brill - Producer


Cover Picture

polycrystaldiamonds timecop


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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