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Glückaufkampfbahn, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
06th July 2006
Tokio Hotel

During the weeks of the FIFA football championships in Germany, many cities presented a special additional program. On the Glückaufkampfbahn in Gelsenkirchen several concerts of big and well-known stars took place (we reported about the Simple Minds concert). 6th of July was the day for all the young (and very young) ladies – their idols of Tokio Hotel should enter the stage on this Thursday evening. Some fans started to occupy the area in front of the entrance days before the concert (and left huge amounts of waste too) to be as close as possible to their stars. Because of heat and rain there were logically some emergencies too and the paramedics were kept quite busy.  

The story of Tokio Hotel – who has released just one full-length album (‘Schrei’) so far – is a little success story. The song ‘Durch den Monsun’ was climbing up the German charts from zero to the top position and made those four boys from Magdeburg well-known all over the country and to idols especially of young girls. Several golden records and awards as best newcomers followed. Even though the four boys are very young they are making music for quite a while starting as children playing instruments and singing. Tokio Hotel are: Bill Kaulitz (vocals), Tom Kaulitz (guitar), Gustav Schäfer (drums), and Georg Listing (bass). / 

The serious music press has quite a controversial opinion about that band. They are young, the style is extraordinary and something like that band hasn’t been seen in Germany before. Because they have only released one album so far the setlist was limited to that one. About 90 minutes belonged to the power of Tokio Hotel. The lyrics hit right into the heart of the young generation – even though they might seem a bit too platitudinous. The sound is what the youngsters might describe as rocky and a bit gothic - and so a lot of the fans look like too. But to be honest is sometimes seems that the band swims on the current gothic wave. We’ll see how they’ll do in future and how long the success will last.

Long before the show started, teddy bears and other stuffed animals were flying onto the stage. Nearly 20.000 fans – what made this concert the biggest solo concert for Tokio Hotel so far – started screaming whenever one of the stage crew appeared on stage. Lots of self made posters have been seen. After a live connection into German TV and an interview with the band that was shown on a big screen besides the stage and was accompanied by loud screams it was time for the band to appear. And when they entered the stage the audience went mad – and did not know any mercy even with the photographers who had a difficult job in the pit. Lots of young girls were pressed to the fences because all wanted to be near their stars. Heat and too little to drink did the rest to keep the paramedics busy and throw out lots of fans.

Even though the band is quite controversial you have to admit that they love to be on stage and that they seem to be very professional despite of the young age. They talked a lot to the audience to make a close connection. Like young girls are they demanded that the band should strip off the clothes what Bill commented with the words: “First you all have to strip down – from the first to the last row.” Well… as a “present” for the fans drummer Gustav played topless – probably because of the heat. The whole show seemed to be planned very professional too. A big light show with lots of bright spots was set up. Besides that, Bill seemed to be really impressed by the masses of fans and their reactions. “I wish one of you could see how great that looks from here. You are so many. Thank you very much!” As known from shows before, one girl (Janine) was lucky to get chosen by Bill to come on stage and perform the end of ‘Schrei’ with him.

01. Jung und nicht mehr Jugendfrei
02. Beichte
03. Ich bin nicht ich
04. Schrei
05. Leb´ die Sekunde
06. Schwarz
07. Lass uns hier raus
08. Gegen meinen Willen
09. Durch den Monsun
10. Thema 1
11. Wenn nichts mehr geht
12. Rette mich
13. Freunde bleiben
14. Der letzte Tag
15. Frei im freien Fall
16. Unendlichkeit
17. Monsun (Jap?)

Music: 5
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 7 (7.1)

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