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Sun Oct 17 @ 7:00PM - 11:00PM
(DE) Concert: TIM VANTOL

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mercifulnuns genesisrevealedCurrently no other band celebrates authentic Goth like Merciful Nuns. Those fortunate enough to have experienced a gig of the band featuring the Master of Ceremonies Artaud will remain captivated by the aura surrounding this band for all time. Merciful Nuns are nothing less than a revelation in music and will possibly remain unsurpassed for the forseeable future. Whether it be "Genesis Revealed", a virtuous mid-tempo song which develops into a driven Goth smash hit, or "Enlightenment" with its strong focus on rhythm, or indeed the atmospheric ballad "All days are black" - Merciful Nuns effortlessly command every aspect of this genre and continue to surpass themselves each and every time.

Traditional Goth Rock brilliantly produced not only in line with the high demands of the present time but seminal timeless great music. Goth between wide screen epic massive guitar driven walls of sound, sacral choirs, rattling drum computers and the unique low timbre of Artaud's distinctive voice, in which all the pain and despair of a suffering existence seems to fractionise. "Genesis Revealed" marks another milestone in the history of Goth - it's about time to crystallise the reverence the Merciful Nuns deserve. Date of release: 16th March

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