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explodingboy blackalbum
Artist: The Exploding Boy
Title: The Black Album
Genre: Indie Rock
Release Date: 8th November 2011 (USA)/ 20th May 2011 SE
Label: Ad Inexplorata

Album Review

‘Exploding Boy’ is a song by THE CURE; the title seems to have been adopted by EXPLODING BOYS, a tribute band for THE CURE, and THE EXPLODING BOY, an Indie band from Sweden. ‘The Black Album’ is their third one. It seems to be an amalgam of the aforementioned CURE put in the pot with JOY DIVISION, given bit of a dream pop sheen, so the result is THE CURE DIVISION on the future king of anti-depressives, they’re cheerier by miles than both influential bands had ever been. ‘Human’ had me nearly typing HUMAN LEAGUE; it’s got some New Wave feel together with that old sound of synths to adopt that early electronic sound of ’80’s. On the second ‘I Am Truth’ the JOY DIVISION tinge get its cocktail mix, whereas in the next one (‘Torn’) THE CURE feel joins in. ‘Talking Back’ has a nice post-punk revival flavour to add into the amalgamation. On top sprinkle some older day Indie Rock boost, say THE EDITORS, INTERPOL, ARCTIC MONKEYS...

Though the listen is quite pleasant, enjoyable, the pop-ishness made deeper by those two older bands’ influences, it’s hard to discern what is their own voice and sound, vision and inventive, original ideas. Though rehashing old stuff and rearranging it into new-sounding stuff is not something that besets only them, but the majority of their genre. As a whole it has a limited appeal as far as it concerns my own tastes and opinion. And though it’s easy on the ear, I’ll close it politely, I’ll bear this album in mind (which in British standard of meaning really is - I’ve forgotten it already). However, if this is your cup of tea, you’ll be pleased by their album for its catchy songs, which are well-played, not clustered into sameness but varied and delighted with a band that provides a good alternative to the Brit and American scene with a natural knack for mood and likeability.


01. Human – 3.50
02. I am Truth – 3.20
03. Torn – 4.19
04. Dark City – 3.48
05. Loneliness – 4.31
06. Sweet Little Lies – 4.29
07. Talking Back – 3.52
08. Get Out Of My Head – 3.16
09. Here Comes The Rain – 4.38
10. The Man – 4.02


Johan - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Stefan - Vocals/Electric Guitar
Les - Lead Guitar
Nick - Keyboards

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explodingboy blackalbum


Music: 6.5
Sound: 7
Total: 6.75 / 10

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