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egoamp replika
Artist: EGOamp
Title: The Replika EP
Genre: Synthpop / New Wave
Release Date: 27th March 2012
Label: Ionium Records

Album Review

Last year, EGOAMP - the new wave band inspired by the film of 1920s ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ - released their debut album called ‘Welcome to the Cabinet’. The inspiration of the film was so strong, that it is possible to say, that the project is simply devoted to it. Starting with the name of the mastermind - Asmodi Caligari - finishing with stage outfit and of course songs. The other remarkable detail of the conceptual project that it is produced by Chris Lietz (DIE KRUPPS, CATASTROPHE BALLET, ACCESS DENIED etc.). Since 2007 the band gave several concerts around Germany, including shows at Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 and Benefiz for Kids in 2010. One year after the release of their first studio album the band presents a download-EP ‘The Replika’.

Bands ETERNAL NIGHTMARE, MENSCHLICHE ENERGIE, THE ATONE, THE NIGHTCHILD and SCHIMMER made their interpretations of the songs from the album of EGOAMP. Except for those remakes there are two rarities from EGOAMP: the original demo of ‘We Are Freaks’ and the remix of ‘Holstenwall’. While EGOAMP was trying to combine in its music gothic rock and wave with Synth-Pop and EBM, the typical gothic remakes brought the dark atmosphere of the 80s to the EP. There are no hard electronic beats and no modern sounds anymore. It would be ridiculous to call these gothic-rock mixes “new” or “fresh”, but they sound absolutely different to the original versions, and it surely will be interesting to compare.

The album is available as free download. Just check the band's website!


01. Eternal Nightmare – Egomanic Maniacs
02. Menschliche Energie – The Camera
03. The atone – The Carnival (Red Nose Killer Mix)
04. The Nightchild – We are freaks
05. Schimmer – The Veil
06. EGOamp – We are freaks (Original Demo)
07. Bonus: EGOamp – Holstenwall (Andyage Remix)


Asmodi Caligari


Cover Picture

egoamp replika


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10

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