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thechant ahealingplaceArtist: The Chant
Title: A Healing Place
Genre: Atmospheric Rock / Alternative / Progressive
Release Date: 14th August 2012 (North America + digital), 17th August 2012 (D/ AT/ CH), 20th August 2012 (Europe excl. Finland), 22nd August 2012 (Scandinavia)
Label: Lifeforce Records

Album Review

“The key piece in to opening the meaning of ‘A Healing Place’ is the song ‘A Black Corner’. In that song “the place of healing” is described as a mental and physical state you have to face in order to get over difficult or even crushing feelings that life sometimes offers. It’s not really a happy place, not always even comforting but necessary nonetheless if you want to get better.”
[Mari Jämbäck about “A Healing Place” in an interview by David E. Gehlke  Source:]

Founded in 1999, THE CHANT is a Finnish band based in Helsinki. Although it took a long time since their first release, the members were well known for collaborations with other bands. Even before its release, THE CHANT´s debut, ‘Ghostlines’ (2008), was already noticed throughout Finland, due to the single ‘Ode to the End’ which got included on the main playlists of the most significant radio stations in Finland. In 2010 they released their second studio album ‘This is The World We Know’ and stroke the path of atmospheric rock with gothic and progressive influences. But not in that way, most of the people would interpret progressive – it’s more that way of ANATHEMA, KATATONIA, PORCUPINE TREE or A PERFECT CIRCLE those guys are going to follow and carrying forward with their newest release ‘A Healing Place’.

Elegiac songs, meandering soundscapes without getting out of the hand, the creation of a dull and dreary ambience in combination with melancholic vocals are the distinctive parts of this release. Guitar player and singer Jussi Hämäläinen says: “We knew from the start what we looking for sound-wise. There wasn’t going to be much of that distorted metal sound. We wanted have kinda warm and clear sound in the guitars because of three guitarists. We didn’t want to have a massive guitar wall on the album since we needed space for other instruments as well” (Source: Interview on Maybe that’s the reason, why this release works in my opinion. All parts and instruments get their attention, even if it needs a certain time. The perfect interplay, awesome and profound compositions and a certain grasp of atmosphere – that’s what I’m talking about. The only thing to bemoan is that “A Healing Place” is too short to fulfil my desire. I definitely want more!

Highly recommended!


01. Outlines
02. Spectral Light
03. Riverbed
04. The Black Corner
05. The Ocean Speaks
06. Distant Drums
07. My Kin
08. Regret


Ilpo Paasela – vocals
Jussi Hämäläinen – guitar, vocals
Kimmo Tukiainen – guitar, vocals
Markus Forsström – bass
Roope Sivén – drums
Mari Jämbäck – keys
Pekka Loponen – guitar, vocals

Website / /

Cover Picture

thechant ahealingplace


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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