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desdemona endorphins
Artist: Desdemona
Title: Endorphins
Genre: Industrial / Alternative
Release Date: 25th May 2012
Label: Danse Macabre

Album Review

This band with Shakespeare’s name is considered to be one of the biggest alternative acts in their fatherland Poland. The fact that they shared stage with such bands as TIAMAT, PAIN and VNV NATION, and that they already released a DVD proofs this thesis pretty good. Aside to this the band, which was founded in 1996, has really successful timeline: supporting number of big bands, acting at big European musical festivals as Castle Party and being a headliner at smaller ones, taking part in several compilations (among others DEPECHE MODE tribute-album), and at last but not the least releasing their fourth album. The only shadow on the band’s biography is the separation of their vocalist. Agata started as the DESDEMONA’s vocalist from the very beginning. But working on their third studio album ‘Version 3.0’ in 2008 the musicians decided to change the direction to industrial instead of keep following the gothic-path. Obviously Agata was disagreeing with this, and so in 2008 the band declared the split.

However Agnieszka Lesna joined the band the same year, and it continued giving concerts and finally recorded the new album. They called it ‘Endorphines’, and I can hardly imagine the title which would reflect the atmosphere of the album better than this one. It is the pure euphoria during the whole playback… and even for the second time, and more, more times. Agnieszka has great voice and she handles it perfectly, giving each song its own character and mood. By power and charisma it could be compared to Amy Lee (EVANESCENCE) and EMILIE AUTUMN. She could be a rival for the title of the best female voice on the alternative scene. Musically DESDEMONA is a strange mix of club-industrial, electro and alternative. On the one hand it is powerful and hard enough, on the other – it is quite light and danceable. Actually sounds like a perfect balance and it could be interesting to a wide range of music-lovers: for those who values good vocals, for those who prefers to headbang and for those who likes dance.


01. Bring In All
02. Desdream
03. Poison
04. Jealous Sky
05. Devil’s Game
06. Sorrow
07. Let’s Play Love
08. In Flames
09. Euphoria
10. XXX


Agnieszka Lesna - Vocals
Krzysztof Chorazy - Guitars
Robert Plaskowski - Electronics
Szymon Swierczynski - Bass guitar


Cover Picture

desdemona endorphins


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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