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attheskylines thesecretstolife
Artist: At The Skylines
Title: The Secrets To Life
Genre: Alternative Metal
Release Date: 31st August 2012
Label: Roadrunner Records

Album Review

‘The Secrets To Life’ is the debut effort from California’s young, but talented AT THE SKYLINES. In a time where modern technology and innovation has brought some pretty interesting sounds to the Metal world, it takes a big step for a band to not take the pitfall in following too typical of a mainstream sound that makes them sound “just like everyone else”. AT THE SKYLINES definitely display a unique musical twist in their three pronged vocal assault. With a slew of melodic Alt. Rock rhythms to back them up on tracks like ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts’, fans of groups like CHELSEA GRIN or even THE ARCHITECTS will find this appealing. Even listeners of the now defunct FALL OUT BOY who always hoped they would develop a harder sound could find that vision with this album. AT THE SKYLINES also toss in a lot of intense, Deathcore/ Hardcore elements through the chugging sledgehammer of ‘Hush’ which trades melody for deep growls mixed with screams and a simpler pace, but these are the kind of tracks that the Metal fans out there are going to enjoy.

Other surprises include dance music influences such as ‘The Amazing Atom’ that would appeal to listeners of SKIP THE FOREPLAY and even feature guest vocals from Kellin Quinn of SLEEPING WITH SIRENS. It may surprise listeners that the vocals range is so high that some could mistake him for a girl, but he adds plenty of the harmony to the music. Further down the album listeners will hear more and more of the Synth Pop/ Rock genre creeping into tracks, but they don’t saturate the music so much that it feels like a cliché effort to copy ATTACK ATTACK. There are a few hit and miss moments where by “White Whale” the music can get pretty predictable with the harsh vocals on the verses and the cleaner melodic chorus, but the music is still pretty solid. Overall, ‘The Secrets To Life’ doesn’t hide anything eye opening, but is a good debut effort that tries a multi-pronged approach to appeal to a broad range listeners of Rock and Metal to enjoy.


01. Shady Dreaming (Tension) - 3:37
02. It's Cherried - 3:49
03. 143 Princess - 3:13
04. Let's Burn This - 3:05
05. Hush - 3:58
06. Turbulence - 3:28
07. Chapter 7 - 3:49
08. The Amazing Atom - 3:31
09. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts - 2:49
10. White Whale - 4:02
11. Try Harder - 3:18
12. Forgiveness (Release) - 3:39


Chris Shelley – Vocals
Mark Barela – Vocals
Shawn Yates – Guitar
Billy Barber – Guitar
David Angle – Drums


Cover Picture

attheskylines thesecretstolife


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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