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disharmony room78
Artist: Disharmony
Title: Room 78
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 19th March 2013
Label: Tympanik Audio

Album Review

The Slovak duo of DISHARMONY is finally back after 4 years of quiet time with a new album, entitled 'Room 78' which we're diving right in with the opening title track of the album that is first immersing you in gleaming sunlight as the piano resonates throughout melancholy choirs and a gradually morphing beat work. It all seems so familiar actually, yet there's something completely new to it. With 'Blackhole' something heavy appears on the horizon in company with a stuttering, decaying snake of a beat rattling underneath digital outcries and cavernous atmospheres. 'Lifelines' is wonderfully simple in the way it  delivers the piano that is somehow veiled in magical shades of sonic colour, so rich and so beautiful. 'Empty' is in my mind what could be the DISHARMONY Version of an industrial rock song, just far away from any conformity that this genre has produced. Now welcome to the twisted mind lanes presented on 'Trauma', starting off soothing pads and then, bit by bit revealing the chaos happening therein.

'Reactor' means entering the THE abyss itself, there where no light can possibly come through. A might sonic environment keeps building around you here and keeps you in as long as the track is lasting. Following we have a collaborative effort with Canadian Electro/Industrial project FRACTURED and this one really kicks ass going from clean lines to harsh industrial and over to ethereal gloom in a heartbeat, all glued together so nicely. Oh, i forgot to mention the guitars. 'End Of Days' sounds familiar doesn't it? The track is spooking around for a while now. It marks the end not only in one way. It is hopeless, it is stripped of anything remotely resembling a good feeling. It is how they envision the world after everything has eventually fallen apart, and it keeps raining and raining... Really, that's how I pictured the new DISHARMONY. It's well-thought-out from start to finish. Every tone is exactly where it has to be to achieve the maximum effect. Great body of work. I'm just hoping we won't have to wait another 4 years, but then again...


01. Room 78 - 5:15
02. Blackhole - 4:46
03. Lifelines - 2:54
04. Empty - 4:33
05. Falling Stars (Disharmony meets Ish) - 3:53
06. Trauma - 5:52
07. Lights Of Us - 5:52
08. In The Shadow - 5:49
09. Under Control - 5:23
10. Reactor - 3:00
11. You Near Me (Disharmony meets Fractured) - 5:13
12. End Of Days - 6:48



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disharmony room78


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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