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buckcherry bestof
Artist: Buckcherry
Title: Best Of
Genre: Sleaze Rock/ Hard Rock
Release Date: 29th October 2013
Label: Eleven Seven Music

Album Review

BUCKCHERRY was formed in 1995 by singer Josh Todd and lead guitarist Keith Nelson. The band released their debut ‘Buckcherry’ in 1999 to much critical acclaim. They played as support for KISS and LENNY KRAVITZ in 1999(saw them in Cologne in 1999 as support for KISS). BUCKCHERRY even played the festival Woodstock 3 among bands like BUSH, CREED, FOO FIGHTERS, METALLICA and MEGADETH. In 2001, the band from L.A released their second record named ‘Timebomb’, which turned out a disappointment for the critics. With their second admission not doing well they entered the studio again to record the following album but split up in the year 2002 due to too many crew changes. Until the year 2005, Josh Todd and Keith Nelson worked with other artists like SLASH from GUNS N' ROSES. Josh almost became the singer of VELVET REVOLVER at the time but Scott Weiland came out on top.

Two years before BUCKCHERRY reformed, Josh Todd even released a solo album called ‘You Made Me’. After the reunion in 2005 the band released the album 15 under the label Eleven Seven Music. The record again received critical acclaim and gave the band a commercial boost resulting in platinum awards in the United States and Canada. The record comprised the band`s biggest hit ‘Crazy Bitch’ which came with two music videos (a tame version and the original version of the song with a video including bare naked ladies in a strip club). The song was nominated for a Grammy in 2007. After extensive touring with MÖTLEY CRUE they released the next output ‘Black Butterfly’ which received Gold status in Canada. The first single was ‘Too Drunk (To Fuck)’. In 2010 BUCKCHERRY released ‘All Night Long’.

Reviewing a greatest hits album is not an easy thing because you have to find out how to do it properly, so after this first little bit everyone should know enough about the fabulous guys of BUCKCHERRY. Almost all I got to say about this album is that it’s a great way to get to know the band, a great band I have to say. I listened to this album about 11 or 12 times and the more I listen to the high energy Hard Rock of Josh Todd and his companions the more I wanna listen to them. The career of this outfit is full of nice surprises. Most of the songs are mid-tempo Hard Rock/ Sleaze Rock like BACKYARD BABIES or HELLACOPTERS but never too much alike. Songs like ‘For the Movies’ differ very much in comparison to an output like ‘All Night Long’ or ‘Gluttony’ which are full of sleaziness and energy. All in all everyone interested in that kind of music should check this album out in order to get to know a great Rock`n`Roll band…


01. Lit Up
02. For The Movies
03. Ridin`
04. Sorry
05. Next to You
06. Everything
07. Crazy Bitch
08. Rescue Me
09. Rose
10. All Night Long
11. Gluttony
12. Nothing Left

Line- Up (Present Day)

Josh Todd – Vocals
Keith Nelson – Rhythm Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Stevie D. – Rhythm Guitar/ Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Xavier Muriel – Drums

Line-Up (over the Years)
Yogi Lonich – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals (1999 - 2001)
Jonathan Brightman – Bass/Backing Vocals (1995 - 2001)
Devon Glenn – Drums (1995 - 2002)
Josh Fleeger - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals (2001 - 2002)
Dave Markasky – Bass/Backing Vocals (2001 – 2002)
Matt Lawrence – Drums (2002)
Jimmy Ashhurst - Bass, Backing Vocals (2005 - 2013)


Cover Picture

buckcherry bestof


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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