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darkhaus myonlyshelter
Artist: Darkhaus
Album: My only Shelter
Genre: Rock / Synth-Rock
Release Date: 22nd November 2013
Label: Oblivion / SPV GmbH

Album Review

Founded in 2011 they now released their debut album. DARKHAUS is a five piece intercontinental band coming from Scotland, USA, Germany and Austria. Head of the band Rupert Keplinger is a multi-platinum songwriter / composer, well-known for his collaboration with top selling German artists like PETER MAFFAY, EISBRECHER, STEPHAN WEIDNER and some more. Some might already know him as bassist of EISBRECHER. Co-creator, bassist and main lyricist is Gary Meskil, is also the founder of the US hardcore band PRO-PAIN. Another member coming from PRO-PAIN is the guitarist Marshall Stevens. The drummer Paul Keller and the lead singer Kenny Henlon complete the band. Their music can be allocated to the Synth-Rock genre.

After listening to the album it is quite clear that not absolute beginners have created this album but musicians with lots of experience. The first track is already a start-up for a great Synth-Rock album. It started like a Synth-Pop song but turns into a song that definitely rocks. Most of the songs start this way but before they appear to be too nice and sweet, driving beats and catchy guitar riffs make it quite clear that it is still Rock music. Kenny Henlon’s solid vocal performance proves this as well. Even after listening to the album several times I could not find a weak song. DARKHAUS successfully combined elements of Synth-Pop with Rock and created an energetic album.

The album contains fourteen songs and two remixes. The remixes by Noel Pix of EISBRECHER and Kinky J are really remarkable as they made ‘Breaking the silence’ and ‘Life worth living’ suitable for the dance-floors by exchanging the drums and some guitars parts with the drum machine and keyboards. I find it quite hard to write about an album that emerged to be a little gem. It’s melodic, energetic and diverse. So I can only recommend you to buy it. With this promising debut I’m quite sure that we will hear more of DARKHAUS in the future. The album is available as standard version and download version.


01. Life worth living
02. Grace divine
03. Ghost
04. Break down the walls
05. Our time
06. Don’t close your eyes
07. Breaking the silence
08. Hour of need
09. Looks like rain
10. Apostle
11. Son of a gun
12. Drive
13. Angelina
14. Hurts like hell
15. Breaking The Silence (Eisbrecher Club Cut) by Noel Pix
16. Life Worth Living (Kinky J-Mix) by Kinky J


Ken Hanlon (vocals)
Rupert Keplinger (guitars, synth)
Marshall Stephens (guitars)
Gary Meskil (bass)
Paul Keller (drums)

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Cover Picture

darkhaus myonlyshelter


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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