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doganov somethingdarktodanceto
Artist: Doganov
Title: Something Dark To Dance To
Genre: Industrial
Release Date: 1st July 2013
Label: Unsigned

EP Review

Belgium is a great source for good music. Moreover if we talk about such a direction as industrial. The project DOGANOV and its EP ‘Something Dark To Dance To’ is another positive argument for this theory. The EP has a long story, and each song literally was challenged with time. The musicians started their way back in 2004. The EP follows the split, reunion, remembering the material and recreating the band. Without exaggerating it is possible to say that the musicians chose the best of what they’ve done through the years. The result is above all compliments.

The powerful sound is based on the great balanced combination of electronic guitars and programming. Add original vocal, which is not too bright but also not lost in the melody, and you get the perfect product. On the one hand the music of DOGANOV isn’t something new, but it is the concentration of the best electronic metal of the last years. The band has no pretensions of breaking through. The musicians enjoy their own stuff, and this infects the listener from the very first seconds. It is when you don’t want to turn off the song before it comes to the end, or when you longing to hear in which direction this or that song is going to develop. This EP will be a great addition to the collection of all industrial lovers.


01. Endear You
02. To The Hilt
03. Drain the Ocean
04. I Am The Dark
05. Cry With Me


Karl Cleeren - Vocals
Frederic Cipriani - Synths, programming
Filip Marchal - Guitars
Jo Driesmans – Guitars

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Cover Picture

doganov somethingdarktodanceto


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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