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autoclav11 tenonepointone
Artist: Autoclav1.1
Title: Ten.One.Point.One
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 24th June 2014
Label: WTII Records

Album Review

Tony Young apparently never stops working on the evolution of his main project AUTOCLAV1.1. Just in time for the project’s tenth anniversary, the album 'Ten.One.Point.One' hits the stores. The evolution I spoke of is more audible than ever and was hinted at already on the past release on Tympanik Audio. Opening the album is '16a' with an ethereal female voices that spreads towards infinity until a mildly pushing beat comes in, supporting gleaming atmospherics, bright and occasional happy feelings are emerging from it… yes, it's true: Tony switched to making happy happy joy joy tunes from now on exclusively, and that's why the following 'In All Guises' is so not like that. Of course, it's not super dark either. Somewhere in the middle where the melancholy is pretty intense, disrupted by rapid break beats that literally break at some point.

I recognize 'Spanner Line' as some kind of crossroads within the confined territory of the album. It has that typically rich sonic tapestry with the keys and strings and all that. Throughout the track though there's a bias emerging. It almost seems like the track itself couldn't decide whether to turn dark completely or not. 'Not In Service' then makes a decision obsolete. Taking a massive cascade of stuttering beat, low frequent drones and sinister layers show what the rock is cooking. Rarely has a track of AUTOCLAV come up with such intensely layered darkness. Perhaps just the reason I'm loving it. The descend continues in the following, sliding onwards into the everlasting blackness deep down on the bottom of the ocean where 'Everything Must Go', a cut of abrasive rhythmic treatment takes it further into experimental realms where only the occasional piano takes the pressure for a moment.


01. 16a
02. In All Guises
03. Waiting Room
04. Spanner Line
05. Not in Service
06. I.D.10.T.Fault
07. Your Face Goes Here
08. Ruin My News Feed
09. Crack Towers
10. Everything Must Go


Tony Young

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Cover Picture

autoclav11 tenonepointone


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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