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creature helioskron
Artist: Creature
Title: Helioskron
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 25th October 2013
Label: Ketzer Records

Album Review

CREATURE is a German Black Metal band, founded in 1997. Until now, the band has released four studio records, the latest one being entitled ‘Helioskron’ (2013). After the intro ‘Nadir’, the first and longest track of the album, ‘Aurora’, sets in. The first two minutes of the song are rather atmospheric and mid-tempo Black Metal, but then, the song unexpectedly inserts fast riffs and thus veers towards a more straight-forward and harsh style, which gets contrasted with melodic insertions and a decent amount of tempo changes. The lyrics are (presumably) sung in German and are conveyed by raw vocals, which also appear as strong and emotional, like in the following ‘Genesis’. ‘AEon’ starts off with acoustic guitars and includes a longer spoken passage.

In contrast, ‘Mein Labyrinth’ is an overall mid-tempo song, whereas ‘Flammenhunger’ contains clear-sung vocals, which mark for a nice variation and also create an interesting, tense effect on the moody atmosphere of the song. ‘Aoptheose’ includes an interesting, melodic riff, which re-occurs throughout the song and also leads into a part dominated by unusual rhythmic patterns. This might be one of the most outstanding and innovative tracks on ‘Helioskron’. After the interlude ‘Zwischenspiel’, the last track ‘Zenit’ again includes clean, dark vocals and veers between faster and slower past. After a slightly tedious beginning, ‘Helioskron’ surely has interesting moments to offer and contains a solid mixture of Black Metal and melodic elements. Furthermore, the lyrical concept surely has more to offer if the listener is willing to engage with the motifs used in the text.


01. Nadir [Intro]
02. Aurora
03. Genesis
04. AEon
05. Mein Labyrinth
06. Flammenhunger
07. Apotheose
08. Zwischenspiel
09. Zenit


A.B. – Vocals
S.M. – Guitar
M.P. – Guitar
T.M. – Bass
G. L. - Drums


Cover Picture

creature helioskron


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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