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derrest 10liederfuerfreunde
Artist: Der Rest
Title: 10 Lieder für Freunde
Genre: Avant-Garde Rock, Postpunk, Chanson
Release Date: 27th June 2014
Label: Morgana Films

Album Review

Reduced to the minimum – this is a suitable description of the music of DER REST. Other bands wrap their messages into highly poetic or even cryptic lyrics, however, the guys of DER REST bring their messages to the point, and they do not need rhymes to say what they want to say. Sometimes there is even wisdom in their messages: “Das Universum atmet, darum atme mit, dieses eine Leben ist alles was wir sind.“ or “Lügen halten lebenslang im Labyrinth der Dummheit. Bitter trifft einen der Verlust im Labyrinth der Sicherheiten”. There is fascination in the down-to-earth, plain and simple lyrics and music, which are definitely the most important element of the songs. This is why the instrumentals remain mainly in the background but yet are a good support for the lyrics.

From the musical point of view, we can witness a combination of Indie-Rock, influences of the so-called Neue Deutsche Welle from the 80s as well as Singer/ Songwriter and Avant-Garde Rock. Aficionados of the genre might recognize similarities with the band ELEMENT OF CRIME. But in contrast, the music of DER REST is like a reflective and unexcited but yet in no way depressive résumé of the insights gained from life experiences. The only thing that could leave a bitter aftertaste is the lengthiness of the tracks respectively their monotony. All in all, DER REST have delivered an album which, although it cannot be categorized into any sort of mainstream, is worth listening, especially for those who like dark, sometimes melancholic, but nevertheless profound and serious music.


01. Preludio
02. Labyrinth
03. Es ist seltsam
04. Das Universum atmet
05. Dein Schatten
06. Nichts
07. Selbstschutz
08. Die Zeit danach
09. Der Autor
10. Dein Lächeln
11. Ungelebt


Philipp Taraz – vocals, guitar
Jeannine Max – bass
Emanuel Bisping – drums


Cover Picture

derrest 10liederfuerfreunde


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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