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blackwolf thehunt
Artist: BlackWolf
Title: The Hunt
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2nd March 2014
Label: Self Release

Album Review

BLACKWOLF is a UK rock band leaning heavy in the Classic Rock of the 70`s, BLACKWOLF was formed in 2012 and the boys come armed with their critically acclaimed debut ‘The Hunt’. This fresh band take to the stages of England in 2014, touring with BLUES PILLS and THE VINTAGE CARAVAN. Since their formation the guys supported a number of noteworthy UK based acts including: THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT, Toby Jepson of LITTLE ANGELS, MICHAEL MONROE, RECKLESS LOVE, VOODOO SIX, Neville Macdonald of SKIN and many more.

Sitting here I am having a hard time sorting out which band it is BLACKWOLF reminds me of. The approach, musically, is easy to classify as retro but I sense a lot of alternative roots (speak Grunge) as well. The thing that has to be said first is that this record is well balanced relating to the songwriting and overall compositions, this record is not boring at all (huge compliment). The band members know their jobs and handle their instruments quite well and hey, I even hear the bass from time to time. Scott Sharp is a fitting vocalist for this band and may be one reason this band will get a lot bigger in the foreseeable future. Just take a listen, light a cigarette and take your time with BLACKWOLF...


01. Mr Maker
02. Keep Moving On
03. Moving Mountains
04. Faith In Me
05. Trouble
06. Only Said In Silence
07. House Of Emerald Wine
08. Raised On The Sun
09. Black Hole Friend
10. Dragging Ghosts
11. Relief
12. Sleepwalking
13. Sea Of Merry


Scott Sharp – Vocals
John Greenhill – Guitars
Jason Cronin – Guitars
Ben Webb – Bass
Tom Lennox-Brown – Drums


Cover Picture

blackwolf thehunt


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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