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birthdaymassacre superstition
Artist: The Birthday Massacre
Title: Superstition
Genre: Electro Gothic/ Gothic Rock
Release Date: 7th November 2014
Label: Metropolis Records

Album Review

You only realize as a band that you have loyal fans is when you ask if they could help a little with the making of a new album and they would jump right in without hesitation as happened with the newest instalment of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE called 'Superstition'. 'Divide' opens the new album in style and with all the virtues you have come to know of the band, only sounding more refined than ever. The song maintains a classic rock structure with spherical layers only to explode in the chorus with a fireworks of glittering stars. The following 'Diaries' scores in delivering this very unique reflective sentiment. Pictures of the past where life still was an open road and everything was possible. The title track puts a little more focus on a rocking attitude even though it is significantly slower than the previous efforts. 'Destroyer' strikes a darker tone and brings back the duality of the TBM sound that I always liked with Chibi taking on her monstrous distorted vocal part alternating with the angelic variation that is supported by powerful drumming.

I'm certain that 'Surrender' would make a good next single for the album. IT doesn't fit the three minute something formula of most traditional radio stations but the sheer strength of this composition and the variations within its duration  should not go unnoticed to those needing a final push to buy the album. That could be the killer argument. 'Oceania' is a typically dreamy and up-tempo song that gets you hooked instantly. If it can last long remains to be seen. 'Rain' on the other hand is sure to do so. The track's intensity is astonishing even with the melodies completely stripped back for a few brief moments and the vocals being put to the front. IT#s the TBM take on a power ballad in it worked out well. The penultimate 'The Other Side' even incorporates some prog elements that in combination with the electronic sprinkles and harsh guitar parts make for a fun listen again and again. The instrumental 'Trinity' leads you out of the album on washes of melody cast in strings and pads.

The fans who contributed as well as those who didn't I believe have been rewarded with a very strong and cohesive new album that also shows some interesting directions the band could pursue further on a possible forthcoming release. Well done!


01. Divide
02. Diaries
03. Superstition
04. Destroyer
05. Surrender
06. Oceania
07. Rain
08. Beyond
09. The Other Side
10. Trinity


Chibi – Vocals
Rainbow – Guitars/ Programming/ Vocals
M. Falcore – Guitars
Rhim – Drums
Owen – Keyboards
Nate Manor – Bass


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birthdaymassacre superstition


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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