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covenant soundmirrors
Artist: Covenant
Single: Sound Mirrors
Genre: Electro Pop / Future Pop / Electronic
Release Date: 26th August 2016
Label: Dependent (Alive)

Single Review

The band was founded in April 1986 in Helsingborg, Sweden, by Joakim Montelius, Clas Nachmanson and Eskil Simonsson. They chose the band’s name from the Bible as COVENANT means solemn alliance to express their deep attachment and friendship. Already with the first album ‘Dreams of a Cryotank‘, released in 1994, the band was quite successful in the German Electro scene. The second album, ‘Sequencer‘, conquered quickly the clubs in Europe and even the USA. With the following albums COVENANT manifested its position to be one of the important bands in the Electronic/ Electro Pop genre. Furthermore the band is known to be an excellent in performing live. As thoroughbred musicians the guys showcased an extraordinary performance at the “Gothic meets Klassik” event in 2015. At live shows only Eskil Simonsson performs (as singer) while the two musicians on the keyboards and backing vocals/ guest vocals changed several times. Joakim Montelius works in the studio and doesn’t perform with COVENANT since several years now. COVENANT has launched 15 albums (incl. 4 different versions of ‘Sequencer‘, 2 of ‘Northern Light‘, 2 live albums and a single collection) and with this one 17 EPs, contributed an eponymic song for the German vampire thriller “Wir sind die Nacht” (We are the night) and a DVD.

The new single is of course an appetizer for the forthcoming album which will be called ‘The blinding Dark‘. As inspiration for this song and title Joakim told that he read an article about the British pre-WW2 warning system from attacks across the channel. These concrete formations along the coastline amplified incoming sound of aircrafts from the enemy. They were later replaced by the radar technique. This reading coincided with the refugee situation in Europe. Pondering about it he found some similarities that humans try to anticipate danger in order to find strategies to survive. Also we like to ignore things that makes us feel uncomfortable and as long as bad things don’t happen at our door we might feel sympathy and even make some donations. But our empathy ends quickly when we are confronted directly with the misery and are asked to share. Soon our compassion changes into selfishness, nourished by fear and prejudices. He thinks if we finally are able not to separate us but feel as one people in one world we don’t need an early warning system.

So with this introduction it is clear that this single is quite political. Nevertheless it is a song you can dance to, be it the original, the FADERHEAD or the Daniel Myer remix. ‘In theory‘ comes along as a massive wall of sound or noise underlined by the Sprechgesang of Eskil. The last remix version of ISZOLOSCOPE sounds disturbingly distorted. It surely fits perfectly to the topic of the song but is the least favoured version of me. But anyway with this song COVENANT has created another powerful dance track that certainly will be played in the clubs and animate the people to dance. The EP is available as CD or Vinyl.


01. Sound mirrors
02. Sound mirrors (FADERHEAD remix)
03. In theory
04. Sound mirrors (Daniel Myer remix)
05. Sound mirrors (ISZOLOSCOPE remix)


Eskil Simonsson - songwriting, vocals
Joakim Montelius - programming, studio- only member
Daniel Jonasson - live musician: keyboard, backing vocals
Daniel Myer - live musician: keyboards, e-drums, vocals

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covenant soundmirrors


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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