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alisonmoyet alf
Artist: Alison Moyet
Title: Alf (Re-mastered Deluxe Edition)
Genre: New Wave & Synth Pop
Release Date: 25th November 2016
Label: BMG (Warner)

Album Review

‘Alf’… 32 years that refuse to let the 80s go!

In an era of nostalgia and revivalism, artists and labels forget that not all the material needs to be put out in an act of sheer hopefulness that fans will devour in a consumerist wave, and that new fans will suddenly see the light. Especially when it comes to the music of defining eras like the 70s and 80s. When it comes to the latter we find two currents, the underground that evolved from the punk explosion, and the mainstream that saw the underground scorched to the ground and became a unicorn of sticky, corny, and embarrassing music that dominated the airwaves and reigned proudly courtesy of MTV. And I am not talking about the post-punk underground that got aired and had something to say and rebel, but the one that followed and turned synth pop and the danceable beats into WHAM, DEAD OR ALIVE, BANANARAMA and all that litter of accessible products. Musically speaking the structure is the same, and just as in any other style that suddenly takes over because of its easiness to grasp and adopt, not challenging thought or expectations, it becomes the rule by which the rest are measured and are expected to follow.

This is the case of ALISON MOYET´s first album ‘Alf,’ completely stripped of the Punk and Pub Rock influences, the album is a big boom of palatable dancey new wave that in its time, of course, was a hit, yet 30 something years later the impact is definitely different. Back in the day the music was fresh and easy, albeit not arty nor socially committed like its post-punk contemporary, but today is only nostalgic and fit for coffee-shops and social reunions background soundtrack or the all too many “back to the 80s” parties. However, something remains timeless and ever appreciated: an amazing voice that seduces, that lulls, that caresses, that soothes… This is the one characteristic that indeed, has been highly praised but that stripped from the embellishments and curlicues of dance and synth pop of the decade, provides the music a whole new worth to the ballads and love songs. The bluesy contralto range of ALISON MOYET´s voice transports the listener to a new level of appreciation that transcends the synth pop escapist side of the age.

As for the album, the treatment of the songs has definitely improved the sound and has given them a certain depth that is much enjoyable. And adding the rare and previously unreleased tracks, turns Alf into a hopeful collection of sweet gifts for the long-lasting fans that will find the music a confirmation of why they liked ALISON MOYET´s work on the first place. With extended versions in ‘Love Resurrection’, ‘Invisible’, ‘For You Only’, and ‘Don´t Burn Down The Bridge’, enhancing remixes in ‘All Cried Out’, ‘Love Resurrection’, and ‘Invisible’, live recordings of ‘The Knife’, and ‘That Ole Devil Called Love’, new versions of ‘For You Only’, and ‘That Ole Devil Called Love’, and new tracks like ‘Baby I do’, ‘Hitch Hike’, and ‘Don´t Burn Down The Bridge’, all of these only previously available on Vinyl, the re-release of ‘Alf’, the first solo album of an incredible singer, proves why it was quadruple platinum #1 album in 1984 and why 32 years later we still find it delightful and amusing to listen.


01. Love Resurrection
02. Honey for the Bees
03. For You Only
04. Invisible
05. Steal Me Blind
06. All Cried Out
07. Money Mile
08. Twisting the Knife
09. Where Hides Sleep     

01. Love Resurrection (US Long Version)
02. All Cried Out (The Remix)
03. Invisible (Extended Version)
04. For You Only (Extended New Version)
05. Love resurrection (Love Injected Remix)
06. Baby I Do
07. Invisible (Transparent Mix)
08. Hitch Hike
09. For You Only (New Version)
10. That Ole Devil Called Love
11. Don't Burn Down The Bridge
12. That Ole Devil Called Love (Jazz Version)
13. Don't Burn Down The Bridge (Extended Version)
14. Twisting The Knife (Live)
15. That Ole Devil Called Love (Live)


Alison Moyet – lead and backing vocal
Steve Jolley – backing vocal, guitars on "Invisible"
Tony Swain – keyboards
Tim Goldsmith – drums

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Cover Picture

alisonmoyet alf


Music: 5
Sound: 9
Total: 7 / 10

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