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darkmillennium midnightinthevoid
Artist: Dark Millennium
Title: Midnight In The Void
Genre: Progressive Dark Metal
Release Date: 14th October 2016
Label: Believe Digital

Album Review

DARK MILLENIUM emerged from German Death Metal scene in the ‘90’s but disbanded just before the middle of that decade, spent 23 years in the void and now they came back to give their insights in the abyss in their third album ‘Midnight In The Void’. It’s coming as a mixture of styles, unfortunately the sound quality isn’t all that great, the vocals aren’t bad but they’re not entirely convincing either, they just don’t sit right here, music seems to be step ahead of it and leaving it dragging behind. If it’s meant to give it an authentic underground feel it’s a bit of a hit and miss situation - predominantly the music wins. There’s a mixture of styles - prog and jazzy elements, punk, faint Hardcore, Goth Metal tid bits moods that seeks to give it a stamp of uniqueness and it sort of works to make it feel quite an interesting album, worth a listen, but it’s not enough to convert me to being either an avid or even a curious fan that would look out for their future releases.


01. Strigol Moon / Slave To The Void
02. Insanity Suck System
03. Dressed For Suicide
04. Something To Die For
05. The Failure
06. Looking Good Dead
07. Rats Leading Rats
08. Love Sucks
09. Set In Motion
10. Among Wolves
11. Headache Machine
12. From A Thousand Years Of Yore


Christian Mertens - Vocals
Hilton Theissen - Guitars
Michael Burmann - Guitars
Gerold Kukulenz - Bass, Keys
Christoph Hesse - Drums

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Cover Picture

darkmillennium midnightinthevoid


Music: 6.5
Sound: 7
Total: 6.75 / 10

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