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ashburyheights victorianwallflowers
Artist: Ashbury Heights
Title: The Victorian Wallflowers
Genre: Synth Pop / Electro Pop
Release Date: 24th August 2018
Label: Out Of Line Music

Album Review

ASHBURY HEIGHTS are back. Three years after their last album, ‘The Looking Glass Society’, they bring us fresh stuff with ‘The Victorian Wallflowers’. The Swedish Electro Pop duo, which we all know well from their hit ’Spiders’, directly starts with a perfect Electro Pop song. ‘Headlights’ is powerful and strong and makes me dance directly. Next track is ‘Firebird’ and this is starting a bit slower and going over into pure Synth Pop typical sound. Catchy and melodic like we would expect from ASHBURY HEIGHTS. Song number thee is ‘If You`re Shooting With The Left It Means The Ride Sight Is Working’ and is most likely the longest name I have ever seen for a song. Besides that, the song is strong and melancholic at the same time. Another great track. Track number four is ‘Ladders’ and that is starting different and is showing us the different facets of ASHBURY HEIGHTS. Another powerful track with edges and corners. Next song is ‘Science’ and is coming with spherical synth sounds which fit absolutely great to the name. Another awesome Electro Pop track. Happy and bouncy sounds. ’Missing Mr. Marchie’ and this is starting dreamy and very melodic. Perfect Synth Pop ballad.

Next song is ‘Waiting For The Fall’ which is getting more danceable and very powerful. Makes me tapping my feet while listening. Track number eight is ‘Tomorrow Is Dead To Me’. That song is starting different as the title is promising, very spherical and bouncy and is continuing that way. That a typical thing which Synth Pop is able to. Packing melancholic lyrics into happy sounding song. ‘Long Lost Dead and Gone’ is song number nine and is starting a bit experimental but the chorus is very powerful and packed with strong expression. Track number ten is called ‘Domino’ and continues the powerful and rougher pace of the album. Next song ‘The Mess I’m In’ is bringing us back the spherical and grounded Electro Pop sound paired with their powerful voices. When Anders and Tea sing together you directly know it’s ASHBURY HEIGHTS you are listening to. Track number twelve is ‘Corridor’ and is starting with some ominous Synth sounds and is leading us to strong vocals and melodious sound. Last track is ‘Journey’ and is closing the album with another danceable and melodic song. ‘Victorian Wallflowers’ is exactly what I expected from ASHBURY HEIGHTS and an absolute awesome Electro Pop long-player.


01 Headlights
02 Firebird
03 If You’re Shooting With The Left It Means The Ride Sight Is Working
04 Ladders
05 Science
06 Missing Mr. Marchie
07 Waiting For The Fall
08 Tomorrow Is Dead To Me
09 Long Lost Dead And Gone
10 Domino
11 The Mess I’m In
12 Corridor
13 Journey


Anders Hagström
Tea F. Thimé

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ashburyheights victorianwallflowers


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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