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cutratebox xenophobe
Artist: Cut.Rate.Box
Title: Xenophobe
Genre: Electro / Ambient
Release Date: 24th March 2017
Label: WTII Records

Album Review

I do not like instrumentals that much. That makes it quite hard to talk about CUT.RATE.BOX album ‘Xenophobe’. The EP consists of seven songs, of those four are pure instrumental songs without vocals and the last three are versions of ´Slip Away´. The sixth album of the US Industrial band of the founder G. Wygonik is the first thing we hear from CUT.RATE.BOX since the last release ´Dataseed´ in 2001.

The opening track, ‘Breach’, already shows where the journey is going. Slow, calm synth sounds end up in a surprising Drum’n’Bass finish. The third and fourth songs, ‘Letting Go’ and ‘Gone’, sound like that kind of music you hear in an elevator or in a holding pattern. Just ‘Slip Away’ is that kind of music CUT.RATE.BOX is known for. It is solid, but not outstanding. All in all, the album is disappointing. Though you have to say that the instrumentals are able to create the atmosphere their titles are promising.

The general topic of the album seems to be loss. It seems that G. Wygonik just wanted to try out sounds with it. It could also be a musical processing of an emotional break-down. ‘Xenophobe’ is only available as files.


01. Breach
02. Loss
03. Letting Go
04. Gone
05. Slip Away
06. Slip Away (Mangadrive Dreamtek Remix)
07. Slip Away (TSP-9 Trentabank Remix)


G. Wygonik - Sound, vocals, arrangements


Cover Picture

cutratebox xenophobe


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Total 7 / 10

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