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andvoid st
Artist: And Void
Title: And Void
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Trip Hop
Release Date: 6th April 2019
Label: self-released

Album Review

‘And Void’, self-titled debut work by AND VOID, crossed my path over a month ago and is still fascinating me with its dark and barely tangible atmosphere full of mystery, depth and a touch of a hidden, almost forgotten and left behind world. AND VOID are Scott Fox (IVARDENSPHERE, THIS MORN’ OMINA), Mari Kattman (HELIX, MARI AND THE GHOST) and Mika Goedrijk (THIS MORN’ OMINA) and their first release feels like an own world full of unsolved secrets wrapping up in front of you.

‘Perhance To Dream’ feels like the beginning of a sacral ritual, something that is hidden behind thick monastery walls, like the heavy, centuries-old doors opening for the listener to get you inside of this special atmosphere. The heaviness of this song also reminds of knights and the moment just before another fight against the unknown darkness might begin. ‘Unsung’ literally got me on the first listening session and for days I came back to it over and over again to put it on the endless loop. And now, weeks later, its magic still fascinates me.

The silky voice of Mari Kattman is one of very few female voices that is enchanting me in such a beautiful, as well as almost scary way. The vocals along with the music spread an atmosphere of worrying and peace at the same time wrapping everything in a hardly describable vibe that sets deep in your mind. Continuing with ‘October Lullaby’ that is with the interaction of Electronica soundscapes, the witchy and tempting voice of Mari a deeply dark track with a bouquet of many playful sound details. Citing a line from the song - “following the eyes of the dark” - this song really makes you believe there is more in the darkness outside than you might have thought.

‘La Condition Humaine’ featuring Jamie Blacker is more spherical, though leading further through the soundscape of the worlds that seem like mortal species should not enter or they’ll only come out of it changed. Jamie Blacker with his charismatic, strong voice and Mari make an intense duet in that track that is full of moments that give shivers and music that varies a lot in the frame of this song. ‘Midnight Black’ starts with citations from the horror story ‘What Was It?’ from 1859 by the Irish writer Fitz-James O’Brien, presented by Andy Deane, a story about a believed-to-be-haunted apartment and the creepy things happening there. You don’t believe in ghosts? You might change your mind after listening to this album. The vocals sound like distant enchanted ghost voices that completely hijack you into their world of the unknown.

‘Eclipse Phase’ continues with the hauntingly beautiful vocals calling deeper into the darkness. Epic, remotely, yet powerful and coming closer. Electronic, Ambient and Trip Hop elements melting into something that appears like it is not from this world. Rituals. Ghosts. Things that cannot be explained by scientists. And even if they could, they would probably avoid to. ‘Ideal Prey’ brings back the witchy, deadly tempting vocals of Mari who knows how to kidnap the listeners in the spheres she wants them to be. ‘Sunward’ has that “folkish” vibe. Just let it play and see what you feel. The presence of the music and the chants is huge.

The ghosts return on ‘The Sparrow Tree’ with haunting calls, heavy doors closing and more noises that would make you wince if you don’t expect them. The variety in the music and vocals is so huge and the hooks all appear at the right time to tie up your attention. The last song of the album ‘Little Death’ shows the pure intensity that infiltrates the whole album. There is literally no song that is falling down or feels like a gap filler. ‘And Void’ is one of the most gripping mystic stories told in a long time, wrapped in intense, enchanting and enticing spheres of Electronic music. An outstanding and addictive debut by experienced musicians that hopefully won’t stay the only release.


01. Perhance To Dream
02. Unsung
03. October Lullaby
04. La Condition Humaine (feat. Jamie Blacker)
05. Midnight Black (feat. Andy Deane)
06. Eclipse Phase
07. Ideal Prey
08. Sunward
09. The Sparrow Tree
10. Little Death


Scott Fox
Mari Kattman
Mika Goedrijk

Website /

Cover Picture

andvoid st


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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