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aerodyne damnation
Artist: Aerodyne
Title: Damnation
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 18th October 2019
Label: Rock of Angels Records

Album Review

Once again quality hails from Sweden. This time it’s AERODYNE from Gothenburg. This fresh band formed in 2016 and quickly released their debut, ‘Breaking Free’, in 2017. The debut was sold out in just three weeks and so, the motivation to carry on and show the world what they have going for them was found. AERODYNE play their Metal heavy but with a big Rock and Roll attitude; up-tempo Metal with high pitched screams and raw energy is what these guys serve and they serve it hot! Vocalist Marcus Heinonen is a versatile frontman who knows his craft, guitar duo Bergman and Daniel Almquist round up the melodic part excellently.

They are supported by bass-man Berggren and drummer Christoffer Almquist. The whole sound is very old-school and influenced by MOTÖRHEAD and bands like AIRBOURNE. I even feel reminded of bands like STRYKER and WHITE WIZZARD. This is their second output and if they can build upon this very strong base, AERODYNE is surely gonna make it big. I already read about this output in my favourite print magazine and they seemed to think the same as me, fucking great stuff to listen to over and over again. Check out the title song ‘Damnation’ - it’s the epitome of old-school Heavy Metal as it reminds me of AC/DC and Heimonen seems to like DEF LEPPARD too, these guys can do the great melodies and they really can rock as well.


01. Hellsiah
02. Out for Blood
03. Kick it Down
04. March Davai
05. Murder in the Rye
06. Under the Black Veil
07. Damnation
08. Kill or be Killed
09. The Nihilist
10. Love. Eternal


Marcus Heinonen — Vocals
Johan Bergman — Guitars
Daniel Almqvist — Guitars
Christoffer Almqvist — Drums
Thomas Berggren – Bass

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aerodyne damnation


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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