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angelwitch angeloflight
Artist: Angel Witch
Title: Angel of Light
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 1st November 2019
Label: Metal Blade Records

Album Review

London based NwoBHM band ANGEL WITCH is back with their fifth full-length record and they are back with a bang! Originally formed under the name of LUCIFER in 1976 and rechristened to ANGEL WITCH in 1978 they gave birth to the very influential debut record self-titled ‘Angel Witch’ in 1980. Kevin Heybourne (guitars / vocals) never gave up on his band and was celebrated by international media for the return to class with the last record ‘As Above, so Below’ in 2012. The music business is no easy place to work and surely no easy environment to thrive especially as a young band trying to make it in the mids of the NwoBHM. ANGEL WITCH came late with their debut in 1980.

Harsh and undeserved critique from superficial did not help the matter. With a mayor deal things would have been easier and ANGEL WITCH might very well be as big as IRON MAIDEN today if not for the British media in the 80s. But Heybourne fought and kept making music and he kept ANGEL WITCH alive, with varying success over the years. Today most old-school Heavy Metal fans and almost every NwoBHM gourmet is very aware of ANGEL WITCH’s class and importance, Tom Gabriel Warrior of HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST stated that some British critics never understood how awesome Heybourne’s music was to this day.

I am very lucky and blessed to have the chance to review this right now because it is a rare opportunity to review an NwoBHM band and the only one I did before was SOLDIER years ago. The first thing to notice about ‘Angel of Light’ is the production, its crisp, natural sound feels raw and authentic and Heybourne’s riffs and melodies are one of a kind. Heybourne may not be the most versatile vocalist compared to the hundreds you can hear every day but his voice always fits perfectly to the arrangements and it belongs to ANGEL WITCH so much that any other vocalist would make the songs sound unnatural and off. The first single ‘Don’t turn your Back’ is also the opening title and it is perfectly chosen as it is instantly iconic and typical for the band.

Fun fact: It is to be noted for every old-school nerd that this album was recorded with the same Marshall JPM amp head Kevin used for ANGEL WITCH’s debut 39 years ago in 1980. Concluding I must say this is as old-fashioned and true as it gets, if you dig the debut and the follow up ‘Screamin’n’Bleedin’’ you have to buy this piece of awesome music!


01. Don’t Turn Your Back
02. Death from Andromeda
03. We are Damned
04. The Night Is Calling
05. Condemned
06. Window of Despair
07. I am Infamy
08. Angel of Light


Kevin Heybourne – vocals, lead guitar
Jimmy Martin – rhythm guitar
Will Palmer – bass
Fredrik Jansson Punkka – drums

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angelwitch angeloflight


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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