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aristic dimensions
Artist: Aristic  
Title: Dimensions
Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore / Progressive
Release Date: 20th September 2019
Label: Self-released

Album Review

ARISTIC is a solo-project founded in 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden. With the desire to be experimental with his music, Niklas Runstad started his own project where the focus is on letting creativity flow. Not to be limited by any rules. The music genre is Metal. With a structure of Metalcore, Deathcore and Progressive. Influences are drawn from all types of Rock and Metal music. With a taste for experimental artists and bands. This album was produced by Mathias Rexius and mixed / mastered by Max Maly.

The opener ‘Memoirs’ is a good appetizer. Great guitar work and good vocals. Songs like the title track ‘Dimension’ or ‘Iris’ are very heavy. With a growling voice it hits you in every second. But don´t worry! There are moments of calm down. And that is where the progressive parts turns out. In ‘Iris’ for example: in the middle is a part of clean guitars. There are choirs, speed and mid-tempo songs. Because of the different singers, every song has its own note. And this is why this record is so good. There are songs with orchestral endings and a great instrumental. I do listen to TRIVIUM and this record remained me of them. But not as replica of TRIVIUM. You can hear a lot of influences and different styles. Especially the progressive parts are outstanding on this record. So, if you are not into Metalcore I only can say: listen to it. Give this record a chance. You will not regret! Awesome debut with great potential.


01. Memoirs
02. Dimension
03. Diversity
04. Fears and Convictions
05. Overworld
06. Guldens
07. Sirius
08. Iris


Niklas Runstad - Guitar and bass
Guest singers in order of tracklist: Nicklas Blücher, Adam Rexius, Nicklas Fagerberg, Joar W. Anfinset, Joshua Amirose, Johan Segerström, Andrew Johansson


Cover Picture

aristic dimensions


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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