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apeirage ragingstorm
Artist: Apeirage
Title: Raging Storm
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 19th October 2019
Label: Self-released

Album Review

Just the other day I was asked to do a review of a band named APEIRAGE, led by jack of all trades Jürgen Dachl (BACKBONE, CROWN, DIABOLUS DUST, EL-K-MINO, FLOOD OF AGES, SARATOGA, STORMHAMMER): This five-piece melodic Thrash outfit from Munich, Bavaria just released their debut full-length last October. The band name merges the words Aspeiron (Greek for Infinity) with Age/Rage to describe the musical approach of the band as they label themselves as: powerful & furious, versatile & unpredictable, melodic & brutal - beyond any classification.

I cannot confirm the part with the impossibility to classify them as it is my damn job to frame music with my words to explain why people should or should not buy it. Yes, the music is Thrash and it is melodic in parts and even a bit on the progressive side. What bothers me a bit is that I miss the common theme, the obvious direction of the compositions. To withdraw from classification is not in all cases a good thing, there are good songs and there are chaotic ones. The song ‘Fallen Angel’ is very chaotic and fails to appeal to me because there are too many elements driving into different directions without sense. I really dig ‘Deconstruction of Dreams’ because it is quite the other end of the spectrum, catchy and straight forward. You, dear reader, will have to form your own opinion after listening to ‘Raging Storm’ of APEIRAGE.


01. Storm Requiem
02. Annihilation of Life
03. Deconstruction of Dreams
04. Raging Storm
05. Annihilation of Death
06. Masked Jackyls
07. Faceless Gods
08. Fallen Angel
09. Let my River flow


Jürgen Dachl – Vocals
Robin Fischer – Guitars
Max Wopinski – Guitars
Maxi Leupelt – Drums
Jörg “Josè” Seiler – Bass

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Cover Picture

apeirage ragingstorm


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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