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bonsaikitten loveandletdie
Artist: Bonsai Kitten
Title: Love And Let Die
Genre: Punk
Release Date: 13th March 2020
Label: Sunny Bastards Records

Album Review

‘Love And Let Die’ is the fifth album by BONSAI KITTEN. The band from Berlin went through some changes lately. The founder of BONSAI KITTEN is singer and powerhouse Tiger Lilly Marleen. For the new line-up she brought in Marc Reigns (MORGOTH / DESTRUCTION) on drums, who definitely brings in some metal influences, and Wallys (V8WANKERS / PSYCHOPUNCH) on guitar, who also produced the record. Bass player Spoox (FEELING B) is part of the band for five years and adds his own style with a three-string-bass sound. This foursome has released a powerful new record.

Right from the first song onwards we learn who is the boss here: Tiger Lilly Marleen has a strong and wonderful voice and everything is based around her singing. The atmosphere is described as a mixture of the spirits of “Woodstock and Wacken”. This is somehow appropriate. There is some heaviness in the music (probably due to the new members) and there is some punk-like attitude there as well. Tiger Lilly Marleen sings about love, but also about death and hope. A good example for the album’s style is the single ‘Limit To Your Love’ with its catch refrain that keeps spinning in your head for hours.

There is basically not one bad track on the record, but an overall attitude of freedom. There is the epic ‘The Devil Inside You’, which is followed by the quiet, piano-driven ‘Second Self’. There is the punk cover of CREAM’s ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, followed by the epic title track ‘Love And Let Die’, which is named after the Paul McCartney song ‘Live And Let Die’ and gives all the musicians the opportunity to shine. ‘Now Or Never’ is a duet between Tiger Lilly Marleen and PSYCHOPUNCH frontman Jarmo Mäkkeli. The song is a real hymn and will be released as the second single from the album.

The whole album is a joyful celebration of life. As a listener, you realize that the band really celebrates their music. If you ever get the possibility to see them live, do it! The hot show is absolutely worth it!


01. Dead Man Walking
02. Limit To Your Love
03. I Have Freedom
04. The Devil Inside You
05. Second Self
06. Give Me What I Want
07. One In A Million
08. Now Or Never
09. Sunshine Of Your Love
10. Love And Let Die
11. Last Days On Earth


Tiger Lilly Marleen – Vocals
Wally – Guitar
Marc Reign – Drums
Spoxx – Bass

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Cover Picture

bonsaikitten loveandletdie


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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