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dagger deepcuts8999
Artist: Dagger
Title: Deep Cuts ‘89 - ‘99
Genre: Progressive Rock / Hard Rock
Release Date: 15th March 2019
Label: Heaven and Hell Records

Album Review

This five piece band was a thing in the late 80s, another obscure but awesome band from Heaven and Hell Records treasure chest. DAGGER was formed in the winter of 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland. Let’s check the press text:

“In 1989 the band enter the studio to lay down 6-tracks for an EP titled ‘Dream Stealer’ that would be entirely self-produced and released by the band. The release would only help the band’s reputation grow as it out sale major releases in local record stores. Along with their growing live audiences and radio play across the country things were only looking up for DAGGER. ...Then the 90s happened. Three-fourths of the band would continue on into the next decade under the new name HIGH BRIDGE and with a slight direction change in sound that still showed where the band originally came from. By the end of the decade HIGH BRIDGE would release their debut album ‘The Gift’ that would see little to no distribution and is now extremely difficult to find.”

So, yeah like with many others that started a career in music in the late 80s these dudes did not get the chance they deserved, cutting their career short but hey it seems they are back and want to give it another shot. Tracks 9-17 were recorded and performed under the new band name HIGH BRIDGE. DAGGER sometimes sound a bit like QUEENSRYCHE thanks to vocalist Rob Olds. Check out DAGGER, long live the 90s!


01. Enchant Me
02. Call On The Brave
03. Let’s Party
04. Lasting Love
05. Fight
06. Take Me
07. No One To Blame
09. Feeling
10. Her Eyes
11. The Gift
12. Irony
13. Haunted
14. She Said
15. Addicted
16. She Said (extended version)
17. Stuck In Her Cave


Phil Mahoney – Bass
Barry Moss – Drums
John Lejnar – Guitars
Paul Leopardi – Guitars
Rob Olds – Vocals

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dagger deepcuts8999


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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