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augustburnsred guardians
Artist: August Burns Red
Title: Guardians
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: 3rd April 2020
Label: Fearless Records

Album Review

Despite seventeen years of band existence, eight studio albums and two Grammy nominations, AUGUST BURNS RED always manages to surprise and convince. After the 10th anniversary of the record ‘Constellations’ the Americans are back with their 9th studio album, ‘Guardians’.

As a band categorized to metalcore, AUGUST BURNS RED doesn’t hesitate to add elements from other musical styles to his compositions. On ‘Found In Far Away Places’, released in 2015, the guys incorporated Western sounds and even traditional Jewish music, which was very well received by the fans. However, ‘Guardians’ is simpler in its construction than ‘Found in Far Away Places’. AUGUST BURNS RED goes back a little to their beginnings. However, there are some elements that remind of progressive metal, but the characteristic sound of the band can be heard from the beginning.

‘The Narrative’ is the opening piece. With its main riff, tapping and chorus combined, it is an almost atmospheric piece. Then comes ‘Bones’ with its flawless rhythm section. With many twists and turns this song adds new qualities to the band without breaking out of their usual niche. ‘Paramount’ is the third song on the record and probably the highlight of the album. This song takes the listener on a journey through choirs, intense percussion and very efficient riffs by JB Brubake. AUGUST BURNS RED is certainly a metal band, but with positive messages. This has also earned them the label of the “Christian Metal band”. Their words should not be religious but, as already mentioned, positive.

‘Paramount’ is no exception to this rule. The chorus contains a powerful text with which the band expresses that concentrating on friends and family in difficult times will help to survive any situation. If this doesn’t fit into the current situation. ‘Guardians’ was introduced with the song third song ‘Defender’. Wild drums and puffing guitar grooves, a change between strong intimate moments and rhythmic beats. After the first 4 songs went well forward, the next song starts more quietly. But it should not stay like that. ‘Lighthouse’ lives from a change between calm and hard passages. The song is about being a merciful Samaritan and helping others.

In the usual metalcore manner it continues with the next songs ‘Dismembered Memory’, ‘Ties That Bind’, ‘Bloodletter’, ‘Extinct by Instinct’ and ‘Empty Heaven’. For the old-school fans, ‘Bloodletter’ is a banger, which reminds with its uncompromising nature very much of the band’s beginnings and also the groovy and tricky beats on ‘Extinct by Instinct’ clearly show how multi-faceted and down to earth the band is. ‘Three Fountains’ finishes the work, which at 6:22 minutes is the longest track on the album. But this one unites the whole album in one single song and is therefore the perfect finale of the album.

All in all, ‘Guardians’ is a good proof for the diversity within Metalcore. The album contains many facets, including heavy, groovy and thrashy parts, while sharing positive vibes. Maybe some of you would have wished for more fantasy like ‘Found In Far Away Places’, but this is not necessary. The album has a lot of power and energy and is worth exploring. Guardians comes just in time to be presented at festivals in summer, if they are not all cancelled.


01. The Narrative
02. Bones
03. Paramount
04. Defender
05. Lighthouse
06. Dismembered Memory
07. Ties That Bind
08. Bloodletter
09. Extinct by Instinct
10. Empty Heaven
11. Three Fountains


John Benjamin “JB” Brubaker − Lead Guitar
Brent Rambler − Rhythm Guitar
Matt Greiner − Drums, Piano
Jake Luhrs − Lead Vocals
Dustin Davidson − Bass, Backing Vocals


Cover Picture

augustburnsred guardians


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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