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circleofwitches naturalbornsinners
Artist: Circle Of Witches
Title: Natural Born Sinners
Genre: Heavy Metal / Doom
Release Date: 21st May 2019
Label: Sliptrick Records

Album Review

The second record from Italy in a row! This time with CIRCLE OF WITCHES from Salerno, Campania. The record I am going to dissect now is named ‘Natural Born Sinners’ and I have the joy to do so because I made the acquaintance with Mario over Facebook (nice bloke btw). So, let the press text make the start while I summon the gods of review:

“NATURAL BORN SINNER is the third full length from the Italian Heavy Metal doom band CIRCLE OF WITCHES published in May 2019 on Sliptrick Records. The album was recorded during January 2016 and mixed in the later 2017 at Alpha Omega Studios on the banks of Como Lake by Alex Azzali, producer together with Nicholas Barker. The eleven tracks on the album follow the path of Heavy Metal and Doom with influences of JUDAS PRIEST, GRAND MAGUS and CANDLEMASS. All lyrics were inspired by the theme of riot and some characters like Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, Lucifer, the fallen angel, the witches, warders of ancient wisdom, Giordano Bruno, Italian XVI century philosopher and mage burnt alive by the Roman Church and Spartacus, the slave who rebelled against Rome. The album was written in a couple of months during the 2015 cold winter and was already played during a pre-release European Tour during the 2018 in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Malta, Italy.”

After giving this a few spins I can attest these guys a great talent for hooks and gripping melodies. Bove is a charismatic vocalist that fits flawlessly into the overall concept and the doomy often occult feeling songs. Coppola’s drumming is impellent and always on point, the guitar-work is groovy (the GRAND MAGUS influence is audible and very welcome) and the bass-work of Farabella is beefing the already big guitar sound even more. After a short time with the record I can already can point out three hits that will do nicely in live sets: ‘Giordano Bruno’ catchy, Classic Metal with groove and a feel of impending doom, ‘The Oracle’ a hymn with a little vocal part at the start that feels like a mini intro, this song is a melodic beast. The third song is ‘You belong to Witches’ (the ear candy of the record, catchy and a real anthem). This is a band to be reckoned with, I cannot await to hear and see more of the CIRCLE OF WITCHES!


01. Tongue of Misery
02. The Black House
03. Giordano Bruno
04. The Oracle
05. First Born Sinner
06. Spartacus (Prophecy of Riot)
07. Your Predator
08. Deus Vult
09. Death to the Inquisitor
10. You Belong to Witches
11. Cult of Baphomet


Anthes “Darkblood” Aliberti – Guitar
Joey “Helmet” Coppola – Drums
Mario “Hell” Bove – Vocals, Guitar
Tony “Faraway” Farabella – Bass, Backing Vocals

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Cover Picture

circleofwitches naturalbornsinners


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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