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ancillotti hellonearth
Artist: Ancillotti
Title: Hell On Earth
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 29th May 2020
Label: Pure Steel Records

Album Review

Ah Italy, I realised that at the moment I do quite a bit from Greece and Italy, both countries seem very productive when it comes to quality steel. Speaking of productivity ANCILOTTI already brought out one EP in 2012 followed by three full-length records (the latest one is subject of this review). ANCILLOTTI is a family project when it comes to the roster. Caution Press Text ahead:

“ANCILLOTTI formed in 2010 is an Italian band that encompasses the history of NWOIHM, Bud on vocals, Bid on bass, Brian on drums and the blood brother Ciano on guitar. ANCILLOTTI are essentially a family act, what with three fourths of the band being blood relatives. Born as a challenge, ANCILLOTTI arrived today with the awareness of a musical symbiosis with few rivals in the world. In 2012 they recorded their first self-produced EP entitled ‘Down This Road Together’ (CD) sold out in a few months and on the same year they toured in Italy in the main Metal and Rock clubs or special guest of many international acts as URIAH HEEP, GRIM REAPER, ULI JON ROTH and more. At the end of 2012, thanks to the successful ‘Down this Road Together’ ANCILLOTTI signed the agreement with the German label Pure Steel Records for three albums.”

The overall quality of the compositions, sound and production is top notch as always with Pure Steel Records bands, the skills are there and in good use. The only thing that is not my cup of tea is the way Bud uses his voice most of the time, often you can hear him sing really nice but his trademark seems to be the husky, rough parts (not a fan of Lemmy, not a fan of this kind of vocals). If I could change one thing it’s the use of his “Lemmy” voice because here and there he sings clear and that sounds great. Check out ANCILLOTTI’s ‘Broken Arrow’ to see what I mean; the chorus is a nice one.


01. Fighting Man
02. Revolution
03. Firewind
04. We are Coming
05. Blessed by Fire
06. Broken Arrow
07. Another World
08. Frankenstein
09. Till the End


Sandro “Bid” Ancillotti – Bass
Brian Ancillotti – Drums
Luciano “Ciano” Toscani – Guitars
Daniele “Bud”Ancillotti – Vocals

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Cover Picture

ancillotti hellonearth


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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