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eisenhauer blessedbethehunter
Artist: Eisenhauer
Title: Blessed be the Hunter
Genre: Classic Heavy Metal / Doom
Release Date: 6th June 2020
Label: Rafchild Records

Album Review

Hey there folks, tonight on this channel: EISENHAUER from Kaufbeuren near the north-western border of the Bavarian Allgau. EISENHAUER was formed in 2007 and listening to them I get the strong feeling they really love GRAND MAGUS (like me). Every band that uses terms and song titles like ‘Ode to the Hammer’ are in my good books. Waxe’s voice is used in a style that instantly reminds you of JB Christoffersen, Ase’s bass lines are thick and heavy like anacondas slowly curling through the melodies, the guitars are tuned down and give you that BLACK SABBATH feeling on top of the GRAND MAGUS meets DANZIG cake (a bit of MUSTASCH is also to be found in that mix but mostly it is GRAND MAGUS and DANZIG I hear and feel here vibe-wise) not to forget the drums of Hel battered in by Johann Bechteler. ‘Blessed be the Hunter’ is EISENHAUER’s second full-length record to date and it is a convincing piece of music I have to say. My personal favourites are ‘Wild Boar Banner’ and ‘Cult’ both are hymns in their own right. If you dig the mentioned bands and love to feel like a Viking while listening to the music of your choice you should thank Odin for EISENHAUER and buy their music.


01. Priestess of Delight
02. Gods of Pain
03. Release the Beast
04. Sun Under My Breast
05. Wild Boar Banner
06. Ghost Warrior
07.Ode to the Hammer
08. Mountain
09. Tyrannus
10. Cult


Christian “Waxe” Wagner - Vocals, Guitar
Simon Bihlmayer - Guitar
Thomas “Ase” Aschermann - Bass
Johann Bechteler - Drums

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Cover Picture

eisenhauer blessedbethehunter


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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