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commandthemachyne st
Artist: Command The Machyne
Title: Command The Machyne
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 6th April 2020
Label: Pest Records

Album Review

In Germany there is an old saying: translated to English it says you always meet twice. Well COMMAND THE MACHYNE’s vocalist Florian Reimann is also the vocalist of GOBLINS BLADE which I reviewed back in November 2019. Florian Reimann was the vocalist of DESTILLERY from 1995 to 2002 where he helped create three full-length records. When he decided to move into another city, which made rehearsals quite complicated, he left the band (the band is on indefinite hold since then).

So yeah Reimann where out of the music business from 2002 to 2017 when he and Sasch Machyne decided to form COMMAND THE MACHYNE (yes it was one year prior to the formation of GOBLINS BLADE but their EP came out before CTM’s debut). Even though both bands share the same vocalist the sound is quite different, CTM is way catchier and has a sound I would call more international whereas GOBLINS BLADE had more of that good old Teutonic steel in it. COMMAND THE MACHYNE is also catchier, the songs bleed hooks, transitions and great melodies and Reimann sounds like BRUCE DICKINSON quite often (always a big compliment) but he can’t be reduced to that. The riff attacks of Ulrich and Machyne are a mid to up-tempo battery, the drums are thunderous and fast as a bullet and Reimann’s voice is the salt in the soup.

My fave is ‘Sarah’s Heart’ and ‘The King’ - this song even has a melodic moment that awfully resembles a part of the Airwolf theme. If you, dear reader, are a fan of IRON MAIDEN, BLIND GUARDIAN or HELLOWEEN you should check out COMMAND THE MACHYNE they are worth your time you got my word on that!


01. Burn èm
02. Sarah’s Heart
03. Emerge
04. Drenched in Pain
05. Prisoners of Time
06. Stones
07. Reaper
08. Kingdoms Prayer
09. River of Life
10. The King
11. Shadows


Vince Icopro – Bass, Drums
Reaper Ulrich – Guitars
Sasch Machyne – Guitars
Florian Reimann – Vocals


Cover Picture

commandthemachyne st


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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