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asp kosmonautilus
Artist: ASP
Title: Kosmonautilus
Genre: Gothic Novel Rock
Release Date: 29th November 2019
Label: Trisol Music Group

Album Review

‘Kosmonautilus’ is the fourth part of ASP’s stories of the ‘Fremder’ cycle and if you are not familiar with its predecessors, it might take a while until you get the story. To make it short: The main character lost his freedom, he is in total isolation and annihilation of everything. He plunges into the sea and submarines, sea-monsters and many more make sure that his adventures continue. The instruments illustrate the dark underwater worlds musically and underline the story perfectly.

You will be drawn into the dark world of Goth and Rock, and some Electronics and Wave will prevent you from drowning in the dark elements that merge the single episodes of the story. ‘Abyssus 2’ is definitely worth listening over and over to understand the layers of the music and the merge of many different styles that are kind of trademark of ASP’s music. Don’t worry it’s not all about Goth and Rock. ASP have a harder and Hardrock-prone side, too and ‘Tintakel’ has some nice elements, if you like the sheer horror.

During the whole album, you will find many appealing guitar hooks and ASP always show a dedicated attitude towards using the whole range guitarwork can offer. The bonus track is my ultimate highlight on the album. Being a big Tabaluga fan, since PETER MAFFAY wrote the Tabaluga stories I was really stunned by ASP’s dark cover of ‘Nessaja’. Part four of the narrative cycle ‘Fremder’ is as convincing as its predecessors. It spans over many genres of the music scene and the catchy dark melodies makes it an album worth listening to, even if you don’t understand the German lyrics.


01. Rückfall
02. Morgengrauen irgendwo
03. Phragmokontrolle
04. Abyssus 2 - Musik
05. Tritons Fall
06. Eishimmel
07. Liebes Licht
08. Tintakel
09. Schatten eilen uns voraus
10. Abyssus 3
11. Abyssus 4
12. Abyssus 5
13. Kosmonautilus
14. Bones
15. Nessaja (Bonus)


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asp kosmonautilus


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 10 / 10

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