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bst unterdeck
Artist: B.S.T
Title: Unter Deck
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 1st April 2017
Label: Voodoo Chamber Records

Album Review

Exceptions prove the rule! Normally I never the fuck ever review music in my mother tongue but a mate of mine (with an exceptional great taste in music) asked me to risk an ear and risking an ear I did. The name B.S.T stands for BLUT, SCHWEISS, TRÄNEN (engl: blood, sweat, tears). The band was formed in 1994 and hails from Hamburg, Germany. ‘Unter Deck’ is the band’s second full-length output to date. And yes, I am late with a review for a LP from 2017 but I did not work in that year so there was no chance to do the guys justice at the time so I will have to hope I do them justice now.

If you only know hard German rock music from bands like RAMMSTEIN (not a fan) you will be in for a surprise, this is straight up Doom with a vocalist that sometimes remind me of KYUSS’ John Garcia with his raw and smoky vocals. Instrumental-wise this puts CONAN in the minds of the audience (aside from the vocals, the vocals on the last CONAN record I reviewed were not up my alley at that time). I really dig the track ‘Aufgabe’ throaty vocals, heavy as fuck riff and rhythmic transitions and fucked up patterns. If I had to describe this musically (which I have to as it is my unpaid job) I would say this is music for people who love to indulge in melancholic and sad moods every now and then. If you dig doom like CROWBAR or DOWN you should check this out immediately.


01. Stimmen
02. Aufgabe
03. Brenne
04. Chance
05. Ride On (Jimmy MacCarthy Cover)


Lutz “Lulle” Reimer – Bass
Jan Galinsky - Drums
Jan Rudssuck - Guitars
Heiko Wenck – Guitars/Vocals

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bst unterdeck


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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