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ashtonnyte waitingforavoice
Artist: Ashton Nyte
Title: Waiting For A Voice
Genre: Dark Rock / Acoustic
Release Date: 20th July 2020
Label: Intervention Arts

Album Review

Nine albums with THE AWAKENING, seven solo albums, several co-operations with MGT and BEAUTY IN CHAOS… ASHTON NYTE is sure one of those passionate artists who just never seem to sleep. Just now, 20 July 2020, the multi-talent with the amazing baritone voice released his 17th studio album ‘Waiting For A Voice’, this time accompanied by his very first book. And he shows clearly that his creativity is still far from being exhausted.

Written mostly within half a year right after playing no less than 36 shows supporting WAYNE HUSSEY all over Europe, the acoustic setting of that tour definitely had a huge influence on his newest . Yet, who now expects a mere acoustic album with nothing but vocals and acoustic guitars is mistaken. The aptly titled “musical chameleon” once again manages to reinvent himself and offers an astonishing versatility - within the album as well as compared to his previous work.

Indeed, even with studio album number 17 ASHTON NYTE does not repeat himself in the slightest. Sure, fans will recognize the characteristic voice and delicate acoustic guitars. Yet, the whole composition feels like nothing he has released so far.

Then, while there is definitely a thread connecting the individual songs, they are truly diverse. ‘Waiting For A Voice’ starts with more quiet songs like the fragile title track and the dreamy ‘Ocean Song’ that caught me immediately with their magical atmosphere. While ‘This Isolation’ already builds up much more tension, ‘Has Anybody Seen My Love’ uses a broad instrumentation and feels quite theatrical. ‘Dark Star’ caught me immediately with its captivating rhythm and those unique harmonies with added strings, overall creating a strong feeling of longing and a hint of doubt. ‘I Asked For Nothing’ returns again to a focus on guitar and vocals with a story-teller feeling. The pensive ‘Time (Just Before The Light Got In)’ gets back to a more quiet arrangement. Somehow its beautiful, flowing acoustic guitars always remind me a of a forest stream…

Then there is ‘Disappear’ which surely stands out with its driving rhythm that makes you immediately want to dance. Most curiously it is one of the songs that make me particularly melancholic. It is most fascinating how such a seemingly happy and light rhythm can yet feel so wistful… After this driving instrumentation, ‘Soon It Will Be Morning’ follows with a stark contrast as it is carried almost only by the vocals and actually feels quite solemn. It is followed by ‘Heroes’, the DAVID BOWIE cover and ode to his brilliance, that was originally planned as a gift for the fans who pre-ordered ‘Waiting For A Voice’. Thanks to the overwhelming positive feedback it ended up becoming a part of the album, adding a pinch of hope.

‘Waiting For A Voice’ is concluded by the ominous ‘Awake’, to me definitely the darkest song of the album. This was immediately a favourite of mine, probably because of my love for the piano which this song focusses on. It is truly amazing how much atmosphere ASHTON NYTE here creates with nothing but a few tones and chords while adding yet another instrument to the album. And finally, ‘Icicles’, to me the most touching song with an unbelievably strong dynamic even though the instrumentation again is quite stripped down. After such an intense journey through all those different moods, it feels like the album is simply dropping us at the end with a quiet “I know, I’ll be home. Soon.” And to be honest, I needed a moment to breath and grasp all that I have heard.

Overall, with ‘Waiting For A Voice’ ASHTON NYTE releases not only his most personal album to date, but also an unusually touching and emotionally intense piece of art. The new focus on the vocals and mostly stripped-down instrumentation truly has an immense effect. ASHTON NYTE manages to reduce his songs to exactly what is necessary to carry that emotion and nothing else. Perfectly on point, unerring and straight to the heart. At the same time there is an impressive variety of interesting details and diverse dynamics waiting to be discovered by the listener. It is definitely an album “best enjoyed in a low-lit room, with decent headphones” as ASHTON NYTE said. A magical piece of art that is worth taking your time to listen carefully and let yourself immerse fully in its fascinating atmospheres.


01. Waiting For A Voice
02. Ocean Song
03. This Isolation
04. Has Anybody Seen My Love
05. Dark Star
06. I Asked For Nothing
07. Time (Just Before The Light Got In)
08. Disappear
09. Soon It Will Be Morning
10. Heroes
11. Awake
12. Icicles


Ashton Nyte

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ashtonnyte waitingforavoice


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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