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ayreon transitus
Artist: Ayreon
Title: Transitus
Genre: Progressive Metal / Rock
Release Date: 25th September 2020
Label: Music Theories Records

Album Review

Everyone that ever had a talk with me about Prog music or music in general knows: if AYREON releases new music I will get my hands on it and if the gods smile upon me I get to review it! So Arjen Anthony Lucassen did exactly that! He released another big, phenomenal chunk of progressive mastery. Every time there is a new record of this man I seem to fail what I usually do best: find words for things that are hard to describe. I, once again, am struck by the complexity of the compositions and arrangements, instrumental as lyrically. At first ‘Transitus’ is a bit more cumbersome and not as easily accessible like most of his predeceasing material like ‘Into the Electric Castle’ or ‘The Theory of Everything’. But as you delve deeper and listen to it over again you realize that this may be due to the circumstance that this goes deeper or in a different kind of way.

The tragic story of Daniel and Abby and their ruin at the hands of Daniel’s family is something to stomach. The line-up is priceless as ever, even if I hear some of these artists for the first time like: Cammie Gilbert, Paul Manzi, Marcela Bovio and Caroline Westendorp (my favourites of the new faces are Cammie and Paul). Tommy Karevik as Daniel is a brilliant choice, his soulful and virtuosic way of expressing every notion of the lyrics is touching. The casting of Dee Snider as Daniel’s Father is a bold and well-thought out move as he has a great voice that counters Karevik’s rather delicate kind of singing with the raw and husky attitude that is Snider’s Trademark. Cammie Gilbert as Abby is also a wicked choice as I never heard of her before and now I am a big fan of her performance, same has to be said of Paul Manzi and Amanda Somerville as Lavinia, Abby’s mother. I always marvel at the sheer momentum Lucassen seems to make the singers produce, as if he is a muse to everyone that works with him.

After at first struggling with the new material I now can say that this might be the best for me story-wise, musically I loved ‘The Theory of Everything’ a tiny bit more, but that was due to JB’s involvement (because I am also a huge fan of GRAND MAGUS). My favourites are: ‘Get Out! Now’, a melodic catchy tune that stays in the windings of your brain for days, ‘Daniel’s Funeral’ because of the audible conflict and the amazing performances of the involved artists and ‘Hopelessly Slipping Away’ because it is very sad and brilliantly performed by Gilbert and Karevik. As with everything my favorite artists release I highly recommend this for everyone with a single progressive bone in their body or a preference for great vocals. Sometimes it is a strange feeling to stop listening and face the real world as it is so much less fantastic and colorful.

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01. Fatum Horrificum
02. Daniel’s Descent Into Transitus
03. Listen To My Story
04. Two Worlds Now One
05. Talk Of The Town
06. Old Friend
07. Dumb Piece Of Rock
08. Get Out! Now!
09. Seven Days, Seven Nights

01. Condemned Without A Trial
02. Daniel’s Funeral
03. Hopelessly Slipping Away
04. This Human Equation.
05. Henry’s Plot
06. Message From Beyond
07. Daniel’s Vision
08. She Is Innocent
09. Lavinia’s Confession
10. Inferno
11. Your Story Is Over!
12. Abby In Transitus
13. The Great Beyond


Tom Baker as Storyteller
Tommy Karevik (KAMELOT) as Daniel
Cammie Gilbert (OCEANS OF SLUMBER) as Abby
Simone Simons (EPICA) as The Angel of Death
Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER) as Daniel’s Father
Noa Gruman (SCARDUST)
Michael Mills (TOEHIDER) as the Statue
Amanda Somerville (AVANTASIA, TRILIUM) as Lavinia
Marcela Bovio (MAYAN) as Fury and Servant
Caroline Westendorp (THE CHARM THE FURY) as Fury and Servant
Paul Manzi (ARENA) as Henry

Joe Satriani
Marty Friedman

Johanne James (THRESHOLD)

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ayreon transitus


Music: 9.5
Sound: 9.5
Total: 9.5 / 10

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