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delva spuren
Artist: Delva
Title: Spuren
Genre: Folk Rock
Release Date: 2nd October 2020
Label: Foxy Records

Album Review

There is a curious pattern that hard times give birth to the most beautiful things. Like those flowers growing up on stony soils. During this lockdown DELVA, the Folk-Rock band from Germany, released the album ‘Spuren’. After the months of frightening silence and emptiness, when the life of Earth was put on pause, all new music is so much wanted. Therefore, DELVA did it’s best to be part of this music force. Besides own good members, DELVA did a nice touch by inviting Eric Fish (SUBWAY TO SALLY), Caspar Pan (COPPELIUS), and Nic Frost for recording a couple of tracks in this album. Brilliant! The fact that different musicians are to gather together for making an album is the message for us: we can be separated but there's always something that unites us.

Clearly, the songs are emotionally divided into three types: to conquer, to create, and to reap the rewards. Mysterious ‘Stimmen aus der Tiefen’ introduces us to the atmosphere ‘Spuren’ has - something like you confer privately with a friend. The next one, melodic ‘Im Nebel’ sounds sort of enveloping the listener in a soft haze, plunging him into the sweet sadness. The other tracks are keeping the high bar of the opening songs. By the way, the band had put into this album the extremely interesting thing ‘Oculto’. Probably, one of my favourites in this album. The Spanish language makes it similar to the legends of old Spain, such as ‘La Llorona’ or the gypsy tale ‘Hijo de la Luna’. It's kind of the icing on the cake.

In general, ‘Spuren’ made very good. It has a highly melodic basis on which are built both lyricism and power. It has an insightful and professional sound; it does feel like tremendous work was done. Unfortunately, folk music rarely has a large audience (well, the different sides of the same coin). It obeys the rules: smaller, deeper, sincere. When DELVA speaks with ‘Spuren’ lines, it speaks straight to you. You feel it through the vibes the music gives. This music can both raise up and calm down.


01. Stimmen aus den Tiefen
02. Im Nebel
03. Der Frühling soll warten
04. Friedhof der Bücher
05. Verblassen
06. Einen Sommer lang (with Eric Fish)
07. Die Spur
08. Oculto
09. Gebieter der Welt
10. Gelobtes Land
11. Winterkind (with Caspar Pan & Nic Frost)


Johana Krins
Judith Krins
Michael Lowe

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delva spuren


Music: 8
Sound: 9 
Total: 8.5 / 10

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