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eternalchampion raveningiron
Artist: Eternal Champion
Title: Ravening Iron
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Release Date: 20th November 2020
Label: No Remorse Records

Album Review

Not many modern bands manage to become cult without being around for over thirty years or after disbanding, death or something else depressing. ETERNAL CHAMPION however seems to be the rare case, on the YouTube channel “NWOTHM Full Albums” the last output of ETERNAL CHAMPION already managed to get 746,175 total listening as of now (this is pretty huge). Over the last four years after the band’s first full-length the audience for ETERNAL CHAMPION grew and grew and with their new output ‘Ravening Iron’ I am sure the band will cement their standing in the Heavy Metal scene.

The setting is once again on the epic side of Metal, there are swords, skulls and even the Armor of Ire is a recurring theme again. Jason Tarpey has written some sick lyrics for ‘Ravening Iron’ that’s for sure, the worlds he brings to paper and to live when on stage are the epitome of High Fantasy. The sheer lyrical depth and world-building is quite intense, now combine it with the musicality and pathos of MANOWAR and a voice that is a beast of its own and you begin to understand what ETERNAL CHAMPION has to offer you on this altar of steel... whoa I zoned out because of this sheer amount of epicness! If there is one classic metal album to buy your headbanging friends for Christmas it is ‘Ravening Iron’, all hail ETERNAL CHAMPION!


01. A Face in the Glare
02. Ravening Iron
03. Skullseeker
04. War at the Edge of the End
05. Coward’s Keep
06. Worms of the Earth
07. The Godblade
08. Banners of Arhai


Jason Tarpey – Vocals, War Horn, Hammer & Anvil
Arthur Rizk – Drums, Synth, Backing Vocals
Brad Raub – Bass
John Powers – Guitars, Synth, Twelve String


Cover Picture

eternalchampion raveningiron


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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