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aria baptismbyfire
Artist: Aria
Title: Baptism by Fire
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 16th October 2020
Label: M2BA

Album Review

When it comes to reviewing ARIA this is not my first rodeo (won’t be the last either). The Heavy Metal band from Moscow, Russia was always compared to IRON MAIDEN and I understood why in my last review of these fine gentlemen. ARIA are defined by a very high level of skill when it comes to playing their respective instruments, composition and melody. Once again I got this opportunity through Trond Nicolaisen (TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK’s manager and a kick-ass songwriter) a good friend of the band. Let’s hear it in their own words:

“ARIA decided to re-record their two studio albums featuring former singer Arthur Berkut with the current line-up featuring singer Mikhail Zhitnyakov. Throughout this summer, the band worked hard in their own studio, breathing new life into the familiar music. The well-known songs appear in an all new way: all instruments and vocals were completely rerecorded.”

One thing I know for sure: Mikhail is one hell of a vocalist and I will never understand why ARIA is not a worldwide phenomenon (OK maybe it’s because of the language barrier, I for one don’t understand a single Russian word to be honest). Language barrier aside, this is great melodic music and I failed to find a song that does not speak to me. Check these guys out if you don’t know them, you might fall in love.


01. Patriot (Патриот)
02. Baptism by Fire (Крещение огнем)
03. Coliseum (Колизей)
04. Executioner (Палач)
05. Your New World (Твой новый мир)
06. There Up High (Там высоко)
07. White Flag (Белый флаг)
08. Battle (Битва)
09. Prince of Darkness’s Ball (Бал у князя тьмы)
10. Battle Field (Поле битвы (бонус трек) 


Vladimir Kholstinin - Guitars
Vitaly Dubinin - Bass
Maxim Udalov - Drums
Sergey Popov - Guitars
Mikhail Zhitnyakov - Vocals

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Cover Picture

aria baptismbyfire


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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