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aria armageddon
Artist: Aria
Title: Armageddon
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 16th October 2020
Label: M2BA

Album Review

There is, literally, never enough of a good thing huh? Right! And because of that I am back at reviewing another re-recording of Russia’s number one Metal band ARIA! Just like with ‘Baptism by Fire’, this is a re-recording of the now classic album by the Moscow five-piece legend. And it was worth the work guys! The new version of ‘Armageddon’ kicks ass like never before. Mikhail is just the right choice for ARIA and he is be able to interpret literally dozens of songs of a band that is around since 1985 and has 16 records under the belt. Again I ask myself if these guys are simply unable to write a bad song or album.

The riffs of Kholstinin and Popov are intense and melodic as ever, Dubinin’s bass and Udalov’s drums are pace-keeper and bones of the compositions and Mikhail Zhitnyakov’s vocals always manage to go deep under the listener’s skin (‘The Light of Bygone Love (Свет былой любви)’ is really a great ballad). Musically this is another top notch entry into the bands portfolio, re-recorded or not this is just lovely. The only downside to ARIA is that they don’t have a European shop or a shop in English. Other songs to point out: ‘Last Sunset (Последний закат)’ and ‘Marked by Evil (Меченый злом)’. To talk about everything I dig about this record and ARIA in general would take too long but let’s settle on: BUY ALL THEIR STUFF!


01. Last Sunset (Последний закат)
02. Marked by Evil (Меченый злом)
03. Guardian of the Empire (Страж империи)
04. The New Crusade (Новый крестовый поход)
05. Messiah (Мессия)
06. The Blood of Kings (Кровь королей)
07. Viking (Викинг)
08. Alien (Чужой)
09. The Light of Bygone Love (Свет былой любви)
10. Your Day (На крыльях ветра)


Vladimir Kholstinin - Guitars
Vitaly Dubinin - Bass
Maxim Udalov - Drums
Sergey Popov - Guitars
Mikhail Zhitnyakov - Vocals

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Cover Picture

aria armageddon


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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