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codenoir jackofallspades
Artist: Code Noir
Title: Jack Of All Spades
Genre: Metal / Heavy Rock
Release Date: 13th November 2020
Label: LeviaPhonic Records

Album Review

Hmmm, this is interesting! Greek / Swedish duo CODE NOIR released their 5 track EP ‘Jack Of All Spades’ on 13th of November on Leviaphonic Records. Originally, they were a four-piece when they started out way back in 2015 and their style back then was a mixture of Hard Rock with Punk and Metal elements. For personal reasons though, two members, Moth (guitars) and Pilgrem (drums), left just before they went into the studio to record their debut. This left Michael T and Adam Chapman to continue on alone, recording the 6-track EP ‘Burn Card’ with Metal Scrap Records. A search was carried out to find new members but, in the end, it was decided that the band should carry on as a duo. The Punk influences were dropped, a heavier Rock / Metal sound was adopted and work commenced on the recording of ‘Jack Of All Spades’.

I like it. It’s not bad at all. First track ‘The Devil Within’ starts BLACK SABBATH style before seamlessly shifting into METALLICA mode. I like the guitar work. The chorus bears no relation to SABBATH or METALLICA, this goes off in another direction completely. ‘Supersonic’ sounds like ‘One’. It’s pleasant enough but I think I am listening to METALLICA and not CODE NOIR. It’s only the guitar part and vocal sound near the end that jolts me back to realising it’s not METALLICA. I’m liking the triplet section though, very satisfying. ‘Words Never Said’ I love the guitar part that starts around 2:49 in, great stuff. Penultimate track ‘Monarch’ is an ode to all those who have been broken down by gaslighting and other mental abuse. It’s the first track where I have noticed / focused on the drums. And it’s the first track that does not sound like METALLICA. The guitar playing is string bendingly spot on, not overdone in execution or production and it compliments the subject matter. ‘Crucify Their Way’ is the final offering on this EP and METALLICA have returned with a punch. What we end with is a forceful punch of hope that says that the world is not a total pile of shit! Yeah, ‘Crucify Their Way’, make the fuckers pay!

In summary, this is not over produced, it’s easy on the ear, high musicianship is on display but the METALLICA sound is prominent throughout. That’s not a criticism, just an observation. Let’s just say that I’d not throw the CD off the shelf if I actually owned a CD.


01. The Devil Within
02. Supersonic
03. Words Never Said
04. Monarch
05. Crucify Their Way


Michael T - Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitars and Bass
Adam Chapman - Lead Guitar
Kiran Surana (Guest) - Backing Vocals on tracks 1 and 2
Lukky Sparxx (Guest) - Lead Guitar on Tracks 4 and 5


Cover Picture

codenoir jackofallspades


Music: 7.5
Sound: 7.5
Total: 7.5 / 10

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