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blitzkrieg atimeofchanges
Artist: Blitzkrieg
Title: A Time Of Changes (Reissue)
Genre: Heavy Metal / NWOBHM
Release Date: 26th February 2021
Label: High Roller Records

Album Review

First off to set things straight: BLITZKRIEG is a NWOBHM band that is not in any way associated with nationalism, right wing politics, racism or other bullshit I would not even put up with if I would be paid a fucking heap of money! BLITZKRIEG was formed in 1980, originally the band was named SPLIT IMAGE and was fronted by Sarah Aldwinkle but after a change of vocalists the band was renamed BLITZKRIEG. The band had broken up for about three years but was very much alive ever since (‘A Time Of Changes’ being the first of ten LPs). Brian Ross and his band have earned their status in Heavy Metal history, slowly and steady without ever giving up or slowing down.

Ross is also the vocalist for NWOBHM band SATAN, also active since the early 1980s and four LP strong. Style-wise this is rooted in the sound 0f the late 79s and early 80s, melody-driven yet influenced by the DIY attitude and cockiness of the British Punk scene. The riff forgery of Procter and Sirotto still amazes to this day, the rhythmic superstructure build by Moore and Taylor is essential to the band’s sound but the star of BLITZKRIEG is and was Brian Ross. Ross’ voice is capable of deep and rather bass-heavy tunes but he can also sing quite clear and high if need be. If you never encountered BLITZKRIEG, now is the time to check them out despite their name.


01. Ragnarok
02. Inferno
03. Blitzkrieg
04. Pull the Trigger
05. Armageddon
06. Take a Look Around
07. Hell to Pay
08. Vikings
09. A Time of Changes
10. Saviour
11. Buried Alive (BONUS)
12. Blitzkrieg (BONUS)
13. Inferno (BONUS)


Brian Ross – Vocals
Mick Procter – Guitar
Jim Sieroto – Guitar
Mick Moore – Bass Guitar
Sean Taylor – Drums

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blitzkrieg atimeofchanges


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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