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axewitch outoftheashesintothefire
Artist: Axewitch
Title: Out of the Ashes Into the Fire
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 30th April 2021
Label: Pure Steel Records

Album Review

Sometimes I think I should do a video series called: Under the radar - gems hiding in plain Sight... I get so many reunions and re-releases of great quality it is insane! Sweden’s AXEWITCH are a Heavy Metal outfit that was formed when I was barely a year old and to this day these gentlemen do sound awesome. ‘Out of the Ashes Into the Fire’ is the band’s fourth full-length since 1981 and their first output since their ‘The Losers - '86’ demo.

Sound-wise this is as old-school as it gets, you get reminded of bands like OSTROGOTH, GOTHAM CITY and sometimes even ACCEPT (aside from the vocals that are more clean than Dirkschneider’s and Tornillo’s). Songs like ‘Going Down’ take you back into the golden 80s and the days right after the first NWOBHM did step into the spotlight. Anders Wallentoft’s voice and the riffs of Magnus Jarl and Mikael A Deild make you pump your fists in the air while banging your head to the classic sounding melodies. The riff that introduces you to ‘Lie to Me’ sets the tone for the next minutes, making it impossible to sit still (this song could have been a WHITESNAKE classic). To be honest: I did not know AXEWITCH until tonight but now I sport this big smile just because it is fucking great to review good stuff. If you headbanging folks out there like it melody driven and old fashioned you will love this! Good to have you back guys!


01. The Pusher
02. In Pitch Black Darkness
03. Dues To Pay
04. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
05. Boogie Of Death
06. Losing You
07. Going Down
08. The Healer
09. Lie To Me
10. Violator
11. Nightmare (Bonus track)
12. Axewitch (Bonus track)


Anders Wallentoft – Vocals, Keyboards
Magnus Jarl – Guitars
Mikael A Deild – Guitars
Björn Hernborg – Bass, Vocals
Mats Johanson – Drums

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Cover Picture

axewitch outoftheashesintothefire


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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