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anilah theloom
Artist: Anilah
Title: The Loom / Ineffable
Genre: Ritual Ambient / Shamanic / Healing / Ritual / Psychedelic
Release Date: 8th August 2021 (The Loom), 9th July 2021 (Ineffable)
Label: Self-Released

Single Review

Drea Drury comes from British Columbia, Canada. She was brought up for the first 18 years of her life in the wilderness that is the Kootenay Mountains. This environment was the catalyst that inspired the creative urge within her. She developed a fascination with the therapeutic aspects of music from an early age and through her studies she developed a musical relationship that was less to do with aesthetics, style and technique but more to do with the creation of sounds that affect the emotions of the listener. Listening to these two tracks I can see, or rather hear, what that means in practice. These tracks are also teasers for the new album called ‘Chrysalis’ which is due for release this coming September. It’s going to be a cracking album going by these two excellent offerings! As you can see in the titles to this review, these tracks were released around a month apart from each other but I’ll review them together to give some fluidity. Anyway, the review...

Calming. A drone groans its moan continuously in the background giving the track meditational depth and a grounding. The shaker accents this whilst a sandy smooth vocal swishes in and out like the ocean encroaching on the beach’s domain. The swishing of the water, the salty smell evoked in my nostrils. I feel calmness cloak my being as the sun sets over there, in the distance. The vibe is spiritual, primal and ancient. Above all, a warmth pervades. Like a hand has made the gesture of throwing and out of nothing a blanket materialises. It unfolds and spreads to cover what is cold!! The heat from fires takes on shapes of its own, too. Dancing around the air like Jinn. Out of ‘The Loom’ of the imagination is woven this evocative and primal piece of awesomeness that ends after seven minutes but not before giving up its secret of the bass. A simple but resonant bass that gives more life to an already life full piece!

‘Ineffable’ excretes a passing resemblance to DEAD CAN DANCE in the sense that both use musical elements like threads on a loom to create aural tapestries of vast quality and tone colour. Style is less important than the vibe and feel these threads elicit. In this sense the style is secondary but shows itself as, not as an afterthought, but as an inevitable by-product. On first listen I can barely make out the words but ‘Ineffable’ and ‘Immaculate design’ jump out from the previously mentioned sandy smoothness. But as the title suggests, the message here is ineffable. Just let the soundscapes wash over you like you’re standing under a waterfall or lying on a beach as the sea washes over you.

I can’t remember what I was thinking about before I put these two tracks on, which is good because they don’t matter. I am now in the now, conversing with the Norn called Vernandi. I can listen to her with a little instruction from Urd. Skald peeps around the doorway, smiles and beckons. This must be the right path… When you have a moment to yourself, put on your headphones, sit in a quiet place away from distractions and play these tracks. Let them wash over you, let them dance around you like a thousand hands. Be at one and be freed!


01. The Loom
02. Ineffable


Drea Drury - Vocals, Composition, Synths, Arrangement and Production


Cover Picture

anilah theloomanilah ineffable


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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