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carpetwaves innerweapons
Artist: Carpet Waves
Title: Inner weapons
Genre: Indie Rock / Dream Pop / Post Punk
Release Date: 22nd April 2022
Label: Waveland Records

Album Review

New EP ‘Inner Weapons’ by German four-piece CARPET WAVES, clearly aims to stamp a little standing-room in the crowded hand-wringing market-place. It swaggers confidently into view on ‘Biography’, all blustery guitars, pounding drums and earnest vocals but inexplicably shies away from the chorus that would make it memorable. Twinkly synths underscore ‘Narrow Dream Factory’, and it’s like listening to a different band - this is yearning, uplifting dream-pop par excellence. There’s absolutely none of the SONIC YOUTH / RIDE influence that’s name-dropped in the band’s press-release, and when the guitars return for ‘Shadows’ they jingle-jangle along with indie-abandon, and vocally there’s something vaguely DOVES about it.

‘Aura’ swoops and soars efficiently enough with a beady eye on the majestic, and it’s not too far off, while ‘Void Wilderness’ ups the intensity and angst and goes for a good old stomp around in the prickly undergrowth. The singing is great, the playing is great, there are just moments when the whole doesn’t match the sum of its parts, and you’re left with a sense that this could have done so much more. But never mind. Clearly there is talent a-plenty in the CARPET WAVES ranks. They just need to decide how to funnel it, and then there’s a good chance they could be a future break-through band.


01. Biography
02. Narrow Dream Factory
03. Shadows
04. Aura
05. Void Wilderness


Benny, Kai, Javi, Tim


Cover Picture

carpetwaves innerweapons


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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