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actors reanimated rerelease
Artist: Actors
Title: Reanimated (Rerelease)
Genre: Post-Punk / New Wave
Release Date: 19th August 2022
Label: Artoffact Records

Album Review

Right from the off, Canada’s ACTORS nailed the whole 80s Post-Punk / New Romantic / New Wave thing in one easy swish. It felt natural and organic, and the sharp song-writing and ear for a killer melody was matched easily by crisp production and a sparkle and shine that was never too slick or glossy. This re-release of the ‘Reanimated’ EP comes with debut single ‘Post Traumatic Love’ and B-side, ‘Nightlife’, plus a whole pointless raft of remixes, should that be your bag.

It’s clear to see, from the opening few seconds of that magnificent first release, that ACTORS already had all elements in place to make themselves noticed. ‘Post Traumatic Love’ could be FLOCK OF SEAGULLS and DURAN DURAN re-writing parts of ‘Small-town Boy’ by BRONSKI BEAT, the flip-side all jerky robot grooving and shoulder-pads. From the ‘Reanimated’ EP, ‘XYZ’ is a darker and more experimental affair, repetitive and hypnotic and absolutely irresistible. ‘It Goes Away’ lays the groundwork for later album tracks - all the parts are there, just a bit of tinkering required. ‘How deep Is The Whole’ wouldn’t shame a SPARKS album, ‘Flesh And Bone’ a stripped back harmonic perambulation, and ‘Forever’ as graceful and beautiful as early OMD.

ACTORS began life sounding already fully formed, and despite the obvious reference points and influences, create an overall sound that bursts and fizzes with originality. Everything does something for a reason, and there’s a relaxed and confident distribution of their strengths throughout these songs. The two albums that followed these early releases certainly realised the full potential here, but ‘Reanimated’ is no slouch, and certainly not just a historic curiosity.


01. XYZ
02. It Goes Away
03. How Deep Is The Whole
04. Like U Want 2
05. Jacknife
06. Flesh And Bone
07. Forever
08. Post Traumatic Love (Humans Remix)
09. Post Traumatic Love (Hjorthoy Remix)
10. Post Traumatic Remix (Slow Waves Remix)
11. Post Traumatic Love (Woodhead Remix)
12. Post Traumatic Love (Felix Bondarev Remix)
13. Post Traumatic Love (Sons Of Nuns Remix)
14. Post Traumatic Love
15. Nightlife


Jason Corbett – Vocals / Guitar
Shannon Hemmett – Synth / Vocals
Kendall Wooding – Bass / Vocals
Adam Fink – Drums

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actors reanimated rerelease


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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